Chapter Seven

Candy tossed beneath the cotton sheets in the darkness of her room. The cold shower she had taken had done nothing to take away the need she felt. The longing to go to her mate, to take her. Claim her, to be claimed.  

Dragging her hands through her hair, she thought about what Annie’s words.  Her mate had enjoyed her kiss, she reached up touching her lips.  She could feel her cheeks heating with a blush as she thought about how Annie’s cheeks had flushed as her eyes had shined with arousal.  Candy could feel the wetness pooling between her thighs as the need grew worse.  Her wolf wanted her to go to her mate, to touch her.  To taste her, it was a need she felt ingrained in her bones.

Letting out a sigh of frustration she looked up at the ceiling kicking off her covers, her body felt like it was on fire. Begging to be touched. Closing her eyes, she thought about Annie and the kiss they had shared earlier. How the soft press of her lips against Candy’s had made desire coil up in the pit of her stomach. Had made her feel more alive than any random hookup ever could. 

Sighing in frustration as she moved her hand down her abdomen, pressing her fingers against her panties, feeling her wetness soaking through the thin cotton material.  Candy had heard the rumors about how bad the need for release could get for those that found their mates. Before meeting Annie she had thought they must have been exaggerating.  How wrong she had been as she felt desire and pulse through her like something tangible.  

Biting her lower lip Candy pressed down giving herself more of the delicious pressure she needed. In her mind she pictured what would have happened if Trevor hadn’t interrupted, as the kiss had deepened.

She could almost feel the ghost of soft delicate hands palming her breasts, testing their weight as Annie moved her against the wall. Fingers moving to pluck at her nipples, as her hands explored Annie’s body as well. Candy pushed her shirt up, and brought her hands to her breasts, wishing they were Annie’s hands as she rolled her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. 

Moaning low in the back of her throat as she pictured Annie trailing kisses down her throat before pulling back to tug her tank top over her head.  Resuming the course of her lips.  Moving lower to take one of Candy’s nipples into her mouth.  Chasing it around with her warm tongue as she dragged her other hand lower to the waistband of Annie’s shorts.

Annie trailed her other hand lower.  Lost in the fantasy as she slipped her fingers past the waistband of her panties she let out a growl at the slick wet heat she felt as she moved her fingers deeper into her folds.  Teasing the wetness out before dragging it back up to her clit as she imagined the fingers rubbing against her were Annie’s. The scent of her mate, so close and so far away at the same time, had her on edge as she circled her clit.

Annie released her nipple from her mouth as she trailed her kisses back up over Candy’s collarbone.  Teasing the skin with her teeth as she brought her fingers to the woman’s core.

Candy bucked her hips up, thrusting two of her fingers into herself with a throaty moan as she worked her thumb over her clit. She let her imagination go further as she felt her mate nip at her skin.  Working her fingers faster in a pace that her vaginal walls fluttering as she got closer to her orgasm. Speeding up her movements, her moans filled the room and just at the moment that her mate was about to claim her in the fantasy. Candy came, her muscles tightening as her body clenched her thin fingers. Lights flickered behind her closed eyelids and as she panted out her mate’s name.  The soft scent of sweet orange candy filling her sense as she tried to catch her breath.

That had been the most intense orgasm she had ever had without the use of a vibrator. Candy couldn’t help but wonder what sex would be like with Annie, if it would be just as good as what she imagined it. Pulling her fingers from her body, she moved to the hamper, wiping her fingers on one of her dirty shirts. Before she grabbed her robe and moved to the door of her room, her hand was on the doorknob when the scent of her mate’s arousal hit her full force.


Annie stood outside of Candy’s room, her hand on the doorknob as she tried to calm herself down. She knew that she should have left, but the soft panting of her name had her body clenching tight with need.  She couldn’t help but listen as the panting turned into a moan. A heat like she had never felt before started to spread over her skin as she pressed her thighs tightly together.  Annie had never been this turned on before, had never felt like her body might combust.

Bringing her hand up, she traced her fingertips over the smooth wood grain, unsure if she should knock or just go inside.  Annie wanted to go inside, to touch her mate and to be touched.  She had a feeling that things would be different than they had been with Beau, yes she had enjoyed herself.  Something had always been missing and Annie was always left yearning for something more.  The door swung open and she stepped back, Candy looked up at her as she tied the sash to her silk robe.  

The feeling of being caught with her hand in the cookie jar was strong for Annie as she took in the flushed skin of her mate.  Her swollen lower lip from trying to bite back her moans as she pleasured herself.  It made Annie’s heart beat faster.  “I, I-“  She stammered unsure of what to say.  

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Stephanie Madl
Another great chapter can’t wait for more.and 2nd book Her trapped dragon !! Thanks
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Mel Dixon
Oh my!!! The ladies are just so yummy!
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Again, leaving us on the edge wanting more. This book is getting really good, and can’t wait to read what happens next??

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