Chapter Nine

 Candy stilled her movements as she heard the cry slip past Annie’s lips.  

“Annie?”  She asked, unsure of why her mate was crying.

“Y, y, yeah?”  

“Did I do something wrong?  I’ve never been with a woman before and if I did something wrong, please let me know.”    Candy said as she sat up to look at her mate.  Annie had her hands over her face as her shoulders shook.

“No, no.  You were perfect.”  She said with a sob.  

“Then why are you crying baby?”  Candy asked as she moved to lay beside Annie.

“I just, I didn’t... I’ve never, it’s never felt that amazing before.”  Annie said with a hiccuping sob.

Candy gently grabbed Annie’s wr

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goodnovel comment avatar
???”or maybe Candy will”??? get it Candy.
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Hunter Cook
anyone know the update schedule? im dying to read more!
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Hunter Cook
my thoughts exactly!

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