Chapter Fifteen

“You guys have a date?”  Abby asked as she and Annie walked back to the practice space that the band liked to use.  “Tonight?”

Annie could hear the soft strain’s of the guitar and Eli’s haunting yet beautiful voice.  “We do.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”  Abby asked as she turned to look at her sister.  


“Let me help you get ready.”  Abby said, leading her in the direction of Candy’s room.  

“There isn’t really anything I can do to get ready.”  Annie whispered, tugging her hand away from her sisters.  

“Let’s go through your clothes and find something for you to wear?”  

“Abs, I don’t have anythin

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goodnovel comment avatar
These chapters have a lot of errors with the wrong names. Some sentences say Candy when it should be Annie. and vice versa. But love all the stories of the 3sisters.
goodnovel comment avatar
Patricia Fountaine-Alderson
I spy with my little eye a dragon (CJ) and a panther (Emily).
goodnovel comment avatar
Jane Knight
I update this one every Friday. When I finish Her Fae Lovers I'll start posting Monday through Friday <3

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