Love and Death
Love and Death
Author: Belle Cassy
Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

It was exactly midnight here in San Francisco. I ran out from the woods and saw a dirt road, only the moon lights my path. Then I could hear footsteps running so fast towards me. But I couldn't tell where the sound was coming from. So, I gently closed my eyes, emptied my head, and focused only on the sound, she was coming nearer and nearer to me. 

I slowly opened my eyes, snatched my sword behind me, and blocked her onslaughts from the back. Her glaring eyes were a bit like a demon. I've never seen those eyes before. She was entirely different, she was not the girl I used to know.

I could feel how powerful she was and how she craved to kill me with her sword. 

I fought back as long as I could, but she was too strong. Her strength was unbeatable compared to mine, and she was very much like a girl with no mercy who knows what she wanted to do. 

From time to time, I always had to keep myself distant to make sure she wouldn't kill me, and the battle went too long for me to run away from her. 

She was still really stunning until this time. I think I couldn't stay still any longer.

While clashing with her, I noticed that she was getting a bit worried, and she was profusely sweating. She breathed heavily and stepped backward to distance herself for a while.

I didn't move and I didn't attempt to attack her either. I just watched her, like I was letting her to take some breath. Then my eyes swiveled at her face, just examining her eyes, I could tell she was so serious yet worried. Then she suddenly stared at me, smiling, but she was obviously grinning with anger.

Traitor!” she yelled and smirked. It hurts.

I didn't respond and I coldly looked away from her. I tried to stride away and just disappear, but she grabbed her sword and positioned herself again and attacked me, over and over again.

 An hour has passed, and she was still attacking me with the same vigor as she was not getting tired. I was running out of time, “I can't elude this way,” I whispered.

I gave my best and attacked her, but she was really too tough, and she could still manage to block all my attacks. We kept attacking each other, but, the more we battle the more her eyes were informing me to just die, die and never live again, it hurts me that made me let my tears fell. I couldn't hold it anymore, the pain was too deep. There was nothing I could do but to accept the fact, that this was what we are, things became different between us, and we couldn't forget the past.

Are you crying?” she exclaimed, her eyes flashed angrily as she smashed her sword and struggled to hit me. I never got my eyes out of her, but I stopped when I felt my tears. It was dropping non-stop, fool tears, it didn't listen to its master and just let out from my eyes.

Damn, I thought it was only in my imagination, but I'm really crying, eh. ” 

I rubbed my eyes as I sniffled woefully.

“Like you have the right,” she let out angrily and attacked me, twice the strength she was before. 

This is bad!” I  whispered.

So, I also didn't stop until my advantage finally came, she was tired of giving all of her strength. I used my strength and kicked her leg making sure she couldn't attack me, but still, she managed to stand. I had no choice but to use the advantage to escape, but with her craving she almost hit me, but then, luckily I hit her arm first. She distanced herself, held her wound, and found a place to hide for a while.

“It was my chance to escape,” I mumbled and vanished. 

Ylisha's Perspective

 I ran to a dark abandoned parking lot, I was looking for a place to hide. I looked around to be sure that no one followed me; that he didn't follow me, that stupid guy. You deserve to die.

 I could feel the blood running in my arms. I stopped and ripped some part of my long sleeve shirt and tied it in my right arm, where my love left a deep wound after fighting with me with his sword. I made sure that the blood had already stopped, then I found myself weeping. Stupid feelings of mine, my heart was stabbed by a hundred knives, what a fool I was.

“Stupid! Why are you crying when you didn't even really love me and betrayed me? But my love, you have totally changed, you can even hold a sword like that,” my mind said and then I smirked, I didn't know what emotion I should feel.




Too many mixtures of feeling. I hated it.

I continued walking, I kept looking at every corner of the place and saw nothing. "I guess my love escaped again this time," I muttered as the sound of hissing air was all over the place.

“ Urgh, just this time Clench, I'm going to kill you for sure next time! ” I muttered, ambling, and being sure to treat my wound when I get home. 

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Belle Cassy
thank you so much dear
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Apratyashita Thaku
Amazing Plot. I loved reading it ❤❤

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