Married to darkness
Married to darkness
Author: Kenny

  Babe p.o.v



"Babe, where are you going to?" A voice calls, I involuntarily turn to look at the person. It's Josephine, my sister stretching her hands, sitting on the bed.

Her black hair all scattered around her head, her brown eyes all wet, her long nails scratching her head as she stretches again then she yawns.

"Well it's non of your business my big sister" I tell her putting lipstick on my lips.

 My black eyes blinking time and time,I put some white powder on my face.

 The black trouser I am wearing not really comfortable and the white off shoulder shirt also not comfortable. It's winter and I will need a really thick cloth,this cloth is too light.

"Josie,this cloth I'm wearing, do you think it's good cause I do not like it,I do not feel so comfortable with it" I tell her to be sure of what her opinion of the cloth will be.

"No,it looks good on you,my little sis" she tells me which makes me to not believe her.

"Whatever you say is the opposite so,I'm not going to wear this dumb cloth" I tell her already going to the wardrobe.

"Come on,you know this cloth is the perfect for you Babe" Josie tells me then stands up from the bed then walks up to me.

"Do not change it please" she tells me as I sigh.

"No,I'll wear what I want to wear, and it is winter I do not want freeze, get it" 

Josie sighs then goes back to the bed and lays down,she is older than me with one year but sometimes it seems like I'm older than her cause I act more matured than her.

I go and get dressed then I come out wearing a thick blue jean trouser and a thick white long sleeve shirt that has an 'I LOVE YOU' written on it then I put a thick hairy jacket on my body to try reduce the cold.

"Now,how do I look Josie?" I ask Josie who is looking at me surprised.

"Wow,you look cute" she tells me as I smile and go to hug her.

"Where are you going?" She asks me sitting down on the bed.

"And at this time" she tells me not looking at the time.

"What's the time?" I ask her like an adult as she faces the wall clock and stands up in surprise.

 "What! It's eleven forty two,why did my alarm not wake me up? Why are curtains down? Why did you not wake me up?" She asks me who is just looking for my shoes.

 "What are you looking for?" She asks me noticing that I'm looking for something.

 "My shoe" I tell her immediately.

"And here it is" I pick a white sneakers that my mom bought for me when I was eleven a day before she died now I'm twenty two.

"Why are you wearing that shoe? Where are you going to?" Josie asks me because that is my most special shoe and I wear it when I'm going to somewhere important, since we are not rich so I do not wear any good shoes,this is my favorite shoe.

"No where" I reply her "just for a stroll,wanna go with me?" I ask her smiling.

"No,and what would you like to have when you get back from uhm strolling?" Josie asks me as I just smile.

"Oh,you are the best" I tell her as I carry my dark blue bag from a chair.

"What would you like to eat?" She asks me again.

"Oh sorry,uhm maybe spaghetti" I reply her smiling as I kiss her on her cheek.


"I should take my leave" I tell her.

"Wait" Josie's voice stops me as I turn to look at her.

"What?" I ask her as she goes to a drawer and drags it out and takes a little box out of it.

"What is that?" I ask her as she walks close to me facing the box.

"This, this is a box" she tells me as I sigh.

"Oh a box I did not know that" I tell her looking serious.

"I am not joking" she tells me looking at me serious.

"Neither am I joking,I know it's a box, what is in it?that's what I was asking for"

"Well why did you not say so?" She pauses then faces the box again.

"Before Dad died,he gave me this" she pauses then faces me "you know dad died before mom, mom died two days after Dad died"

"I know" I tell her almost crying.

"Dad gave me this and he said I should give you when you are twenty years old" she tells me as she cleans a drop of tears in her eyes with her wrist.

"Then why did you not give me when I was twenty?" I ask her calmly knowing how she felt.

"Because I love it so much and this is the only memory I have of dad and since you do not have any memory of dad I think you can have it" she tells me facing back so I would not know she's crying but I already know.

"Don't cry. Now, here's what you will do,you can keep the watch,I do not need it,well I want it but you want it more than I want it" I tell her smiling a little as I kiss her cheek again,we love each other a lot and I can't bare to see her cry and u also thinks she is the same.

"Now can I go stroll out cry baby"

  "Well I think I'm being selfish,you can have the watch" Josie tells me as she gives me the watch but I do not collect it from her.

"No you can have it seriously you can have it,I'm not feeling sad or anything,you can have it" I tell her as she smiles crying.

"Thank you,you're the best,I love you" she hugs me.

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