Chapter 2

Alex ( pov) :

I was in a hurry for the meeting of our gang. I was driving on full speed I'm a care free person I don't care about traffic signals and all.

But suddenly out of no where a woman came in front. I immediately pulled the breaks and it produces a screeching sound.

My car hit the woman but it was not with that impact that she would die or something. I didn't bother to go out and check on her. She won't be dead that's for sure.

I was waiting for her to move away from the car. So I can go. But she stood up and came to my side door. She started hitting on the glass window asking me to come out. (As if I'm gonna listen.)

I didn't looked at her and brought some money towards the door, I opened it and threw the money at her so she may leave. And stop wasting my time. As I was about to start the car she came in front and started to search for something in her bag.

And she pulled out a hammer wait what the f*** who keeps hammer in their bag. She came in front of my car and she hit the front of my car with hammer.  


I immediately put my mask on and came out of my car. She saw me coming and intentionally she hit my car again with the hammer and it left a big dent. I furiously growled. "WOMAN!!!"

She threw the money which I gave her,on me and said. "Keep the change." 

(Hell with the change)

She flinched when I hold her upper arms and bring her closer to me. I was furious on that woman I snatch the hammer from her and threw it away. But...

What I saw was the most beautiful deep blue eyes. Those eyes were so beautiful, so deep full of light. Like I wanted to drown in them. As I move my eyes to her lips. I frowned because her nose and lips were covered with a cloth as well as her hair. I watched her from head to toe she was fully covered in tons of layers of clothing. I can't see anything except her eyes.

Few drops of blood were coming out of her forehead towards her beautiful eyebrows. She was trying to be strong as if not affected by me and continuously struggling and yelling. "LET ME GO!!!"

But on other side of her act of bravery. She was trembling with fear and was on the verge of crying. She was scared of me but she dose not want to show it . (Well that amuses me.)

I brought her closer and put my face near her ear and I smelled and damn she smelled amazing like roses. She was shaking I could feel that and was continuously pushing me away as if I'm a some sort of disease. She yelled. "LET GO OF ME!! " And only then I came out of my trance and let her go.

I went back in the car and drove away only to be out of her sight. But I stopped the car and watched her, I was able to see her clearly but she wasn't able to see me. I watched her as she walked with difficulty with some tears in her eyes and called the cab and collected her stuff from the road and went off.

I started driving again and reached the office where our meeting was held and went straight in. Three of my men were sitting and greeted me.

Cane who is my right hand and also my best friend from our teen days, he is a charmer and girl swoon over him without him even trying he has the same height as mine but he is more lean then me. His eyes are of deep green color. The thing I like about him the most is his calm personality he knows how to handle the situation in worst of the cases.

Cane my right hand gave me the file containing all the information about the new deals where as Jack and Lucas on the other hand were waiting for my orders.

Jack and Lucas both are my most trusted men. Jack is all annoying and cheerful personality with warm brown eyes where as Lucas on the other hand is extremely intimidating and the most serious person I've ever met. I've never seen him smiling even once in his life. His sky blue eyes are as cold as ice. Some times I don't understand how these guys work together as a team instead of being so opposite to each other. But nonetheless these are my most trusted men.

Cane said "Boss Mike is black mailing us for canceling the deal."

That piece of shit will never understand in a straight way."What he wants."

Cane answered. "He want money. He said he will not stop human trafficking until you gave him money."

That bast**d "I made a deal with him that leave this dirty business and I'll spare him but that bast**d wants to die instead. Well fine then." I gave a signal to Jack and Oscar to kill him and they nodded.

I head back home I didn't eat dinner because I wasn't feeling like it. I live alone. I went for shower and after shower I laid on the bed and all I could think of those beautiful deep blue eyes before I drifted into deep slumber.

Alizey ( pov) : 


I woke up by the crying of my mother at 4:15 am . I ran downstairs towards my parents room and my mother was crying where as Ali was lying on her bed unconscious and father was no where to be seen.

"W-what happened mom? Why Ali is unconscious?"

My mother was crying while putting Ali's head on her lap. "He fell from the stairs we heard the noise and find him there unconscious."

Panicked I marched towards Ali and checked his vitals which was fine. I rushed to find my phone and came back where Ali was. "Where is dad? "

Mom replied. "Your father went to call the ambulance." I went towards Ali and bandaged his head, his forehead was bleeding lightly. My father came and I wore my abaya and hijab. Covered my face and we took Ali to the Hospital. Doctor came and took Ali with them in the room and told us to wait outside.

After some time the Doctor came and we rush towards him. Doctor had a sad face. "He is fine now little injury in the forehead but he is suffering from cancer due to which he went unconscious and fell from the stairs."

And it was like my breathing stopped and everything went still. I can her my mothers cries of sorrow by this dreadful news. My father has tears in his eyes but he managed to ask the doctor. "How much money is required for the treatment? "

Doctor took my father with him while saying. "Let's talk in my office." And my father went with him and me and my mother rushed into Ali's room. He was sleeping soundly.

I went to the praying room and did my fajr prayers and make dua to Allah for the health of my brother.

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