Chapter 3

It's been 5 months since Ali was detected with cancer. But thanks to Allah that Ali is fine now. But his treatment is still going on. Papa was able to pay all the bills of the hospital. I've asked him how much the amount is payed for bills. But he never told me.

My holidays were over .I'm going to university from 2 months now. Every thing is going fine. 

Today is Sunday. My day off from uni. So I've decided to spend today with Ali at the park. 

I went to his room. And told him to be ready in 30 minutes we will go to park. And he was jumping with excitement. I smiled at my brothers happiness.

I went to my room wore my abaya, hijab and covered my face. I told my mom that we will be going to park and will be back in 2 hours. And we left for the park. When we reached there we bought ice-cream . I sat on the swing. While Ali started playing with his friends. I was sitting there and watching them playing.

After some time we went home. But there was an expensive car parked at our front gate. (Who it could be.)

I hold Ali's hand and open the door with the key which I always keep with me. And went inside. Ali went straight to the kitchen where as. I said. "Asalamu -Alaikum."

I failed to notice that there were two men in black suits, sitting in our living room with my father. Their head snapped towards my way. One guy was looking extremely scary with his ice blue eyes looking me with his emotionless face as the other guy has warm brown eyes but nonetheless both were giving me negative vibes. I meet my fathers gaze and he gave me the signal with his eyes. To go to your room. I went towards the stairs but curiosity got the best of me so I stopped by hearing their voices.

A voice said which I assume to be is one of the man. "He had already given you a lot of time. Return the money in 3 days. Other wise face the consequences."

Then my father's voice came saying. "Please give me more days. Please it is such a short time. I won't be able to give that amount of money in this much small time."

Then the other guy said. "Then you shouldn't have taken that much amount. We will leave now."

I quickly ran upstairs and hide behind the wall. The 2 men left. I went to my room and dropped my abaya on bed. And went to father's room .I knocked on it then enter the room. My father was looking depressed on the other hand my mother was crying. And it started to scare me out.

I ran towards my mother and asked her. "What happened mom." She didn't said anything but kept crying. Then I asked my father the same question. He looked at me and said. "It's nothing honey. Go to your room."

"But why mom is crying then. Dad please tell me is everything OK?"

Dad said. "Everything is fine. Your mother is just worried about Ali's health. Don't worry" After hearing that I felt assured, I hugged my mom and comforted her that he will be fine everything will be OK. She then broke the hug and kissed my forehead. My father also hugged me and gave me a forehead kiss.

I went towards Ali's room. He was sleeping peacefully. I lay with him on the bed and kissed his

forehead. And drifted to sleep with my brother.

Life is going totally fine. Ali is getting better and better. I started to sleep with Ali at night. Because there had to be someone present with him all the time. Today is just like another day. I came back from university, ate my lunch with Ali then I went to do (duhur) prayers in my room .I did ablution and offer my prayers and made dua for my family's happiness and Ali's health.

After prayers. I started to work on my Anatomy project which has to submitted by tomorrow because tomorrow is the last date for it's submission. I was drowned in my work when I heard loud voices coming from downstairs. And it was of some other man. And a large sound came of something crashing. I panicked and hurriedly wrap the hijab and wore my abaya and ran down stairs.

I ran into the living room and there were six men standing in black suits. I immediately recognized two of them from earlier one with ice blue eyes and other one with brown eyes But one man was looking different from them all, having extremely dangerous aura with tall beast like body wearing an expensive leather jacket, blue jeans with boots. He was holding a gun which he was pointing towards my father's head.

I screamed. "NO!"

All eyes are on me and the guy with the gun looked towards me with his piercing grey eyes and kept staring at me. I was crying by now tears were kissing my cheeks. My father looked towards me and yelled.


I didn't move from my place. That guy studied my stance like a predator and I saw him smirking it wasn't a simple smirk, but it was the dark one which sends chills down my spine he then averted his eyes from me to my father and said in his deep voice. "Since you don't have the money to pay me back. I will take this girl of yours."

His words felt like I'm burning and it scared me to my core. I took a step back and ready to take a run .But he noticed it in an instance with his hawk like eyes and said in a daring tone. "Don't even think of running. You don't want your dad to be dead now. Do you!"

He raised his one eyebrow in a mocking way as if daring me to defy him. No he can't kill my dad. I saw on my right side a guy holding Ali. And another guy had his gun pointed towards my mother. Ali bite that guys hand and ran towards me and hugged me. He was crying hysterically. The guy who was holding Ali earlier came to grab him. But I stood in front of Ali hiding him behind me.

"Don't!" I stopped that guy from touching Ali. In the most stronger tone I could manage. The beast like guy with piercing grey eyes said in emotionless stoic face.

"You have to come with me. Because your father can't pay his debt." I looked at my father to say something. To deny what this guy is saying. My father spoke in most pleading way. "I need that money for my sons treatment. Please give me more time. I'll pay back. Please don't take her. We have some respect don't ruin it."

Then it hit me. These guys who came earlier as well are his men. That's why father was depressed and mom was crying. I looked at my brother Ali who was standing behind me holding me so tight, scared and crying. So I uttered the courage and said. "Give us one month. We will pay you back."

The beast let out the scariest chuckle and marched towards me. With his each step my heartbeat increased ten folds. When he stood straight in front of me. I mustered up all my courage to stay on my spot and not to flinch away. I felt so small in front of this huge beast. He spoke. "No can do babe... I have already given him enough time."

The words he used for me enlightened the fire deep in me. If he wouldn't be having a gun right now I would've slapped him right across his face.

He paused and looked at me from up and down and his lips curved upwards slightly if he wouldn't be standing this close to me I would've never noticed it and it disgusted me.

Suddenly he hold my upper arm in tight grip and said. "You're coming with me."

I felt my heart falling in the pit of my stomach and I screamed on top of my lungs. "NO!!!!!! let go of me!!" My parents started screaming at him to let me go. But his other men were holding them. I struggled so hard but in vain he didn't let go and started pulling me towards the door. My blood turned cold.

Ali hold my abaya tightly not letting him take me. I was crying so badly and continuously struggling. Another huge guy then pushed Ali away and he fell on the floor.

I cried. "No!" With all my power I break free from the beast and ran towards Ali and hugged him. He was crying badly .The beast growled lowly and told me. "Go sit in the car NOW!!" His voice was deadly.

I didn't move so he fired. My breathing stopped and my ears were ringing. He shot someone and when I looked to my left I saw my father on floor and blood was coming out from his stomach. I felt my heart thudding faster, I screamed. "NO!!" And ran towards my father but that beast on instinct hold me wrist and yanked me towards him and I collided with his hard chest. His gaze was icy that could kill but I on the other hand was an emotional wreck. I yelled on top of my lungs.

"You Animal!!!! You killed my father!!!"

He then hissed near my face. "Next will be your brother." And a sob left my mouth. How can someone be this cruel. I looked back at my mother holding Ali who was crying while my father lay their unconscious.

He then started pulling me out of the house. I looked back and saw his men taking my father some where. I stopped from moving.

"You're are monster! Where are you taking my father!!" I yelled at him panicking as my father was taken away by his men. He slowly yet intimidatingly turned around his posture was cold, his emotionless face scared me. He hold my upper arm in a tight grip and yanked me towards himself.

He lowly growled near my ear. "HOSPITAL!"

He then pushed me in his cars passenger seat and locked the door. I tried to open it but in vain. I saw my mother calling my name while holding Ali. I felt my heart breaking at the sight of them.

He got in the car and started the car engine and started driving. My heart felt like it will explode. I started breathing heavily and my hands started trembling.

I didn't notice, He suddenly pulled the car at the side and put something on my nose. And to my horror he was sedating me I didn't want to smell it. Because I know he is going to drug me. But I can't stop breathing anymore.

So I breathed and drifted in to darkness. 

The last thing I saw was his void grey orbs.

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