Chapter 10

Her heart started thudding faster. All the colour drained out her face as she stared at his icy cold eyes.

Allah... No!

All the disgusting things he said to her came back to her mind. He will not leave her this time.

Involuntary she backed away, her motion didn't go unnoticed by his hawk like eyes.

Alex was stunned to see her here outside the mansion and the thing that she was running away made his temper to rise an extreme level.

The fuel to his already fired temper was that she just jumped in front of his car. How can someone be this stupid. She could've killed herself.

She might have some sort of thing for jumping in front of the moving cars.

Alizey on the other hand without thinking twice made a run towards the forest but before she could go any further She was yanked back by her hoodie and fell on her butt on the road. Sharp pain shot through her body.

The most furious Alex was standing in front of her small frame. His intense gaze kept her in her place. "How the fuck did you escape?" He growled at her.

She kept her mouth sealed even though she was scared shitless but she maintained her posture. She can't think properly her senses were on high alert and her mind was only screaming for her to run for her life. She slowly stood up and looked for some escape. And only thing came to her mind was running and she did exactly that.

Alex cursed under his breath and in one swift motion she was in his arms. His one hand was on her mouth keeping her from screaming and his other arm was on her waist. Her back was firmly pressed against his chest while her feet were off the ground.

His hand was so big that more then half of her face was covered by it. She couldn't even breathe properly.

Haram! Alarm was continuously ringing in her head. He was holding her in his arms and she was so much agitated about it.

Allah help me please.

Alex was having difficulty in holding her. Hell she was struggling like a maniac. Her legs were kicking in the air and her hands were clawing at his arms like a vicious tigress. "FUCK WOMAN."

He growled out in anger. Alizey felt a chill run down her spine when she felt his chest vibrating at her back.

The second she clawed the blood out of his arm, her world turned upside down. A shriek left her mouth as she found herself on his shoulder, he was carrying her like a rag doll. She was scared and agitated first but now she was outrageous.

How dare he!

"Wait until we go home. I'll teach you a proper lesson. You won't be able to think of escaping again."

Her pace paled at his words. She started thrashing more violently, like the fish which is deprived of water. "Put me down you giant!" 

She started punching at his back. But he kept walking towards his Land Rover. Her thrashing was making him so much angry. His patience was running loose. "Let me go you moron--"


Her eyes widened in shock and a gasp left her mouth. She became stiff. Her body became still. Her struggling stopped. He spanked her. She felt so embarrassed and humiliated.

She felt like crying. Her face was red as tomato. She wanted to kill him.

Alex smirked when he felt her body tensed and her struggling stopped.

"You rotten potato—"She tried to curse.

"Keep that pretty mouth of yours shut and stay still if you don't want me to do this again." She kept quiet and still as a statue.

He made her sit in the car and started the engine. She was sad and frightened at the same time. She knew he was angry because his knuckles on the steering wheel were turning white with the force he's implying. She didn't know what he'll do to her.

With so much cautions she spoke up softly "I-I'll pay you all the debt. Just...just let me go to my family. I promise I'll pay your every single penny in a year or two b-but pl-please let me—"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He growled like a deranged man and stopped the car with a screeching sound.

Fear started creeping in her bones. He was giving her a deadly glare. He moved out of the car and came towards her side. He opened the door. She shrinked back but he just ruthlessly yanked her out while holding her wrist in a death like grip. "You're hurting me!"

Allah save me!

They aren't back in mansion it was some other place and it was deadly quiet. She started panicking. "Stop! Let go!" She wasn't able to take the glimpse of her surroundings as she was unable to match his long strides.

She was struggling hard to get her wrist out of his death grip but to no avail. He was extremely strong as compared to her.

He put a code in and the door opened as soon as they were inside he locked the door and dragged her to the very first room in sight and jerked her forward making her stumble. He closed the door and bolted it.

She immediately backed away. "W-Why are y-you locking the door?" Her senses were on full alert.

Her eyes roamed the room for an escape. She saw a door which would probably the restroom but to her dismay Alex was standing just beside it. She felt trapped. She was here alone in an unknown place and in locked room with a beast who is unpredictable. She was scared for herself.

Alex ignored her question completely and moved towards her threateningly while emphasizing on each word. "How did you escape?"

She backed away immediately but nonetheless answered him "Through window!"

Due to some unknown reason he was more angry now. "Are you fucking insane?"

She was scared but still her mouth tried to got her killed. "If escaping from a psycho and going back to your family is called insane then yes I AM INSANE."

Her straight forward nature will get her in trouble for sure.

Alex was trying to control the last remaining ounce of his patience but this woman was adamant, to get on his nerves.

She tried to test the waters of her luck and said. "Let's just talk like civilized people hmm." She tried to persuade him when he was still quiet and emotionless.

He was observing her as she was engrossed in reasoning him.

She spoke up. "I can return your money but for that you have to let me go-"

"Shhhhh" He put his fingers on her lips making her stop talking. She jerked back from his touch.

"Listen-" she tried again. But he closed the distance between them in two long strides.

She abruptly move back and her back touched the wall. She started panicking "Stop!" But he didn't stopped until he was just inches away from her. "I said quiet." He said while putting his index finger on her lips. She jerked his hand away and glared at him.

"Don't like to be touched huh." He spoke with a dangerous glint in his eyes. "Or is it just my touch that burns you?" He spoke while smirking. She was scared first but now she was frightened this is the first time she saw something other then anger on his face.

He was smirking!

Allah! This man is evil!

"You're a non-Mehram! It's haram." She spoke venomously. Glaring at him.

His both hands slammed against the wall on either side of her head. She flinched back. She could hear the loud beating of her heart. She tried to move further back if possible.

"English! Speak in a language I can understand." He spoke lowly.

"Move away. You're too close." She said trying her best to not look him in the eyes. But he did the total opposite he inched closer making her gasp as she felt his breath on her cheek. "First answer my question."

She was nervous and uncomfortable in his closeness and he was enjoying every moment of it.

She instead of answering pushed hard on his chest but to no avail. He was the beast and she was small as compared to him. She kept pushing trying her hardest but he didn't even budge.

"Why you wear this on your head? Take it off." He said pointing towards her hijab. She can't breathe first but now she felt like all the blood drained out of her system.

"NO!" Almost instantly she shouted. With new found energy she pushed him, he stumbled a bit but before she could escape he slammed her back against the wall and held her both wrists in his one large hand. He gave her a deathly glare. "What's with it huh?"

She tried to struggle but to no avail. "No! Please. It is my modesty. You can't touch me. You're not my family nor my husband. This is wrong. I can't remove it in front of you. Only my husband has the right to see my hair other then my family. It is a sin. Pl-please let me go."

Alex was trying to understand whatever she was saying but the only thing that irked him was that she is talking about her damn future husband. It enraged him so much. "Shut up. If you don't then I'll remove this shit from your head."

"No please don't!" She pleaded but in one swift motion he tore her hijab away and in doing so her hair pin broke and her long silky brown hair sink down just above her hips. "NO!" She screamed.

NO! PLEASE...ALLAH I don't want him to see me like this! Help me.

She closed her eyes. And tears started to flow out of her eyes. She felt as if she's naked in front of him. He humiliated her! She felt him loosen his hold on her wrist.

She slowly opened her eyes and met his icy cold eyes. His eyes were wide in astonishment and his lips were slightly parted.

Alex was mesmerized by her beauty. She has the most beautiful long, silky, brown hair and from the way they were falling on her face she was looking like a beautiful angel. Her hair made her blue orbs stand out more.

Just by seeing her like this in open hair, teary eyes and pink flushed cheeks, nose and lips he fucking felt himself getting aroused.

She pushed him hard on his chest. "Don't you understand. It's a sin." She pushed again and he stumbled back.

"It's haram! You're not my family damn it." She again pushed at his chest.

"You're not my husband!" She yelled.

In an instant his fingers wrapped around her thick locks and he pulled her hair harshly. She screamed out in pain. "YOU BELONG TO ME! SO I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO WHAT I PLEASE WITH YOU." He spoke with a deranged look on his face.

Her eyes widened at his statement. She felt fear and anger bubble inside her but as always she spoke without thinking twice. "I DON'T BELONG TO YOU! I'M NOT YOUR DAMN PROPERTY!" Her words matched the same strength as his.

Her statement was enough to break his beast outside. He yanked her head back by pulling her hair mercilessly so that her face will be at his level. His other hand moved to her waist. He pulled her fragile body flushed against his own.

His lips took hers in a malicious kiss.

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