Chapter 12

Alizey was in her room when she heard noises coming from the living room. She was sure that there is no one in this house other then the beast and her and this fact alone was frightening for her but nonetheless curiosity got the best of her and she made her way towards the living room.

As she got closer she instantly recognized the voice it was Cane.

"Fuck man! You should've informed us that you've got her. We were searching for her for hours.

And what the fuck happened to your face? Don't tell me you've got a wild pet cat." Cane said all in one breath.

"That fucking wild cat is HER!" Alex spoke in an annoyed tone.

Alizey was watching them silently and she observed that both were tall and has the same height but the beast was more muscular than Cane.

Cane was silent and was staring at Alex with a scrutinising gaze. "What did you do?"

Cane asked suddenly surprising

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shad lakshmi
Nice love story but ML must have respected her religion.

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