Chapter 18

Alex sat on the edge of her bed with his fingers entangled in a fist and elbows resting on his thighs, gazing at her with his hawk like eyes.

There was a dangerous glint in his grey eyes, which she can't decipher. With steady breaths she steps back and without turning around she unbolted her door for safety precautions, she can't interpret a single thing when he's around her.

Her room looked smaller due to his dominating presence. She gulped as she recalled her talk with her mother.

Did he know? Ya Allah! He's going to kill me...

She whirl around ready to make a run for it but luck wasn't on her side as in a one swift motion large calloused hand wrapped around her delicate wrist and with a strong yank she collided with his hard chest.

She yelped and abruptly moved back as if his mere presence burned her. His hold on her wrist became bruising. Her face changed into a mortified one as she scr

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