Chapter 19

The ride to that unknown destination was excruciatingly long, but nonetheless she enjoyed her few moments of freedom, enjoying the trees passing by in a blur.

From the corner of her eyes she saw the devil of all devils, wearing his Ray-Ban glasses looking all posh.

He was driving painfully slow and that too a Lamborghini. Never in her life she thought, the person who bought a car like this would drive in a cycle's speed.

Like man, seriously! It's a sports car for heavens sake! He should've bought a cycle if he didn't liked speeding. What a waste of this precious car on him.

Alizey always had weird skittish for sports cars and speeding, but she never tried tho, because she can't afford such an expensive car.

When she saw she was going with him in a sports car. She was excited and a bit of her fear of him replaced by the overpowering excitement but it soon died down because of his extremely snail like

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