Chapter 20

She paled at his words. He tricked her into this trap. She gulped feeling sweaty all of a sudden. All the scenarios of last night racked her brain.

The thought of being alone with him was extremely scary but being alone with him in reality, that too in the middle of nowhere was horror-stricken.

Her eyes searched the surrounding for an escape or any sort of weapon. She must be prepared if he tried to attack her, but internally she was scared.

"I've told you before, I'm not going to touch you for now. So relax." He spoke smoothly in his deep voice.

She merely glanced at his way her mind screaming only one thing...For now! What this suppose to mean? That he won't touch her now but later!

She bobbed her head. "You lied..." And accused him in a soft voice. "I had to, because you weren't being cooperative, were you?" He spoke calmly.

She closed her eyes shut, trying to contr

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