Chapter 22

A sharp parchedness, along with the burning sensation in her lungs was the first thing she felt, groaning out loudly she squinted her eyes adjusting to the pitch darkness surrounding her.

Hissing she holds her head as a wave of extreme headache passed through her head.

Her lips were chapped and a disgusting smell was surrounding her. She was laying on the floor. Her eyes locked to the floor few seconds in complete confusion but they soon widened when the realization of the reality hit her. Blinking furiously she observed her surroundings.

She was in a large basement like room which reeks of a rotten smell, there was no window except for a door in the farthest corner. A dim light bulb was hanging on the roof. The corners and walls of the room can be barely seen as there was not much light. The room was so cold that she felt like freezing.

She was freaking out from inside but her body was still denying the reality. T

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