Chapter 48


An unpleasant emotion of threat and pain. The one thing he never felt all his life was now his constant partner. Making his every breath like a burden of boulder on his chest.

Every second seems like years of never ending darkness. Life is going. That's how it is and that's how it'll be.

Life goes on, no matter what. But it's the person who remains in the dilemma of their loophole. Seeing their world repeat itself again and again.

The house was oddly quiet. Lost was his happiness and lost was his sparkle leaving nothing behind but just a mirage of memories of those mesmerising eyes.

Ringing of the house bell took him out of his trance as he slowly opened the door. Brad stood their holding a parcel. Brad almost shoved the parcel at him as Alexander stared at him confused.

"I'm not supposed to give the diary but I thought it would be better for yo

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Issel Guese
its too late hurtfull maybe alexander trying to kill him self !!!????

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