Chapter 50

The summer breeze swept through the air, moving across the hot land, whispering the tales of heartbreak in every corner.

Two months has passed since he last saw her. In all these days he feared to hear news of the

arrival of their divorce papers signed and sealed along with their fates.

He wasn't the same man back at that time. This man as he stared at his reflection is far from that ruthless bastard. This man in the reflection was dying bit by bit as the life was fading away from his fingertips, yet he couldn't do anything about it other than feeling numb.

The tired grey eyes stared back at him with lost hope. His once shoulder length hair was cut short in a pompadour style. His cheeks sunken in, highlighting his high cheekbones. His jaw sharp clenched under his thick trimmed bear giving him a rugged look.

He looked lost!

Shaking his head the man changed his clothes as he went into

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