Chapter 51

Alizey was in turmoil in those two months, after all these times she wanted to be with her family and when she was with them. She couldn't help but feel empty, seeing those divorce papers again and again, unknowingly she was missing his home which became hers without her even realizing it.

The most stunned moment was the one when her mother shared everything with Alizey of what had happened in last seven months of her coma.

Alexander was always by her side. He even begged forgiveness from her family. Her father knew that the man had changed drastically no doubt. Alexander even asked her father to take him to the mosque with him so he could accept Islam wholeheartedly this time. Mr. Riaz didn't believe him at first thinking of it be a trick to win their hearts but Alexander confirmed that he's doing it for himself as further more he going to free Alizey from this forced relationship. All those days Alexander won the heart of her family and eventually

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