Short Chap

At first, Merida was super shocked and then she panicked because she doesn't know how to kiss. And when Jacob's lips started moving, she just had to close her eyes and feel his lips on hers.

It tastes too good for Jacob to stop. He wanted more. He slipped his tongue inside her mouth, savouring such indulging taste. He didn't even realize that his hands were roaming.

Merida loved what he was doing but when his hands started roaming and into her shirt she pushed him away.

"Ish! I'm sorry I—uhh went too far," Jacob apologized for his hands.

Merida was burning in embarrassment. Why did it happen so fast? She couldn't even realize what she was doing.

When Merida didn't answer, Jacob pulled her close and kissed her forehead. "I should've told you I love you before kissing you."

And again Merida was surprised.

Does he really love me?


AN: I know I've been gone for long but ima update a lot today. 

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