Chapter 13

Today is Sunday; people had cleansed their souls by going to church. And now, they're leaving, a new start to choose from wrong or right. The first mass of the day just ended.

"Do you want to go somewhere?" Jacob asked Merida.

Go somewhere? Merida doesn't know much about their place. I mean she knows some spots but those are the popular places. It's sometimes too crowded and too full of thoughts.

"Do you know someplace where people would leave us alone?" Merida asked.

"Hmm... I think I do." Jacob smiled and started driving away.

While driving, Jacob took Merida's hand and fill in the gap between her fingers. Merida squeezed his hand and he did the same. They both have a wide smile on their faces.

Merida kept humming and looking outside the window. She slightly leans her head out the window, feeling the wind against her face. So this is what it feels, she thought. This is what it feels when you stick your head out of a window in a running vehicle. It's nice. You feel free with the wind kissing you happiness, making your heart beating fast inside of you. The adrenaline rush and it's beautiful!

"And we're here," Jacob said, parking at nowhere near their town. "Come on, let's check the place out."

They hold hands climbing such big spiky sponge-like rocks. The trees around them were beautiful, Merida thought. She could hear the birds chirping, and the trees humming whenever the wind blows. Surprised, there was a sauna in the middle of these trees. It left Merida breathless.

"Is this for real?" She asked in disbelief.

"Well, dip in so you know if it is," Jacob sarcastically answered.

Merida rolled her eyes playfully.

Jacob took off his shirt and pants. He then jumps into the warm water. Merida was hesitating to take off her clothes. The scars on her thighs, it's uglier than her face.

"What are you waiting for? Come join me!" Jacob invited.

Merida took off her shirt but not her pants. She was breathing heavily and Jacob noticed that. He jumped out of the water and moved closer to Merida to touch her face.

"Hey, you okay? What's wrong?" He asked her, worried about the look on Merida's face.

Merida nodded. "Yes, but I don't think I can go in."

"Why? It's not deep," he assures her.

"No, it's not that... I–I have scars on my thighs and they're... ugly," she sadly said, looking down.

Jacob didn't want her to feel that way. He pulled her closer to him and touched her pants' waistband. His fingers touching her skin made her look at his eyes.

"What–what are you doing?" She stammers.

"I want to see it."


"I want to see your beautiful scars," he insisted. "Please, Love."

The look on Jacob's face made Merida feel relaxed. Somehow she thought of that kid way back then. How strange... I still long for that boy's calming gaze. It was only for a moment and she let go of Jacob's arm to just stare at his eyes.

Jacob did it. He unbuttons her pants and slowly pulled it down. He gulped when her pants were off and he was facing her private part with only thin clothing hiding it. He shook his head and brought back his thoughts on the scars.

Yes, he can see some scars, if this was a kinky story he would've kissed those scars one by one. Instead, he stood up again and kissed Merida torridly. It was his way to stop thinking about how Merida looked hot and tempting.

Kissing him back made Merida feel the rush of warm fluids all over her body. She was in dilemma, trying to think of what they're doing is right or wrong. She didn't even realize that she was raking his hair with her fingers.

Their kiss lasted longer than before, leaving both of them breathless.

"You're beautiful, okay? Never forget that" Jacob murmured.

They jumped into the water again when they both calmed down from that slightly intense scene. If Jacob was to choose, he'd probably not stop kissing Merida.

"How did you know this place?" Merida asked him.

Jacob took Merida's hand and pulled her towards him. Then he whispered things in Merida's ear that made her giggle and splash water at him.

She tried to swim away from him but he caught her and pulled her close. "Ah! I gotcha! Come on, I just want to touch it," he mischievously said, biting his lower lip. Looking so charming as ever.

Merida playfully glares at him then wrapped her arms around Jacob's neck. "You are so cute," she muttered, daringly looking at Jacob's eyes and down to his lips. "Touch it if you want."

Jacob grinned and went his way to touch Merida's scars. They're not like those other scars that make a bump. After doing that he rest his hand back around her waist.

"Satisfied?" She asked Jacob.

He pulled her for a hug kissed the top of her head. "More than satisfied," he whispered.

They stayed in the water just enjoying the surrounding and their selves. Merida wanted to bring up Brandon but then she didn't want to ruin the moment. Instead, she talked about her past life.

"I used to cut on my arm but then mother saw it and cried. I felt bad because she gets hurt when I'm hurt. So, I cut on my thighs instead," Merida spoke.

"Well, If I had known you before, if I was more aware of my surroundings, I would've been there for you," Jacob muttered, holding Merida's hand as she floats.

"Thank you for standing up for me. It means a lot."

"You're my love. I'm glad we met and came across each other," Jacob stated. "I want to be always there for you. Water you when you're unable to water yourself, shelter you throughout the seasons and kiss you, so you don't have to be afraid."

Merida got up on her feet and looked at Jacob with her eyes full of love and admiration. "I love you, Jacob. I hope your love for me won't dry up especially in summer. I hope you still shelter me even if your roofs have holes already and I hope your kisses stays the same."

They stared at each other's eyes for moments until Jacob kissed her again.

This is it, she thought. Loving someone is really terrifying but she can't do anything to stop it either. She can't help but fall for someone like Jacob. He was like a prince that could save her, but she wasn't really sure if she was his princess. Protection Status