Love is Beautiful (She's so Ugly)
Love is Beautiful (She's so Ugly)
Author: Lonely in Neverland



"Just get him a personal nurse that can comply with anything he asks! He's wasting our time!"

"He's our son!"

"Yes! But are you willing to let go of this opportunity for him? Because I am not!" Yells his father.

The five years old kid just stared at an empty ceiling. He was laying on a hospital bed and his parents have been fighting nonstop. And it's all because of him. 

He hates how he's too weak.

That afternoon he walked out of his room with his four wheels IV stand. Dragging it towards the hall and into the elevator.

The kid went outside for a walk. He wasn't supposed to, but he wanted to so he sneaked out.

Kids like him were running around and he feels jealous. How unfair could his life get?

He continues to walk not minding everybody. Until he saw a group of children circling someone who huddled up. Furrows displayed on his forehead.

"You stupid ugly duckling! Why did you let the bird fly away?" A kid with blonde hair roared at the girl who was in tears.

Another kid threw dirt at her. Which made the girl covered herself with her hand as the other kids throw more dirt.

The diseased kid couldn't just stand there and watch. So, he pulled the IV tubes out of his hand and marched his way to the bad kids. Pulling their shirt which made them fall down and away from the girl.

"Stop it!" He yelled, glaring at the other kids.

"His hand!" One of the kids gasped, looking at the dripping blood of the disease kid's hand. It frightened the bad kids away.

The girl looked up. She slightly gaped in wonder when she saw the boy's calming gaze and his bright smile.

"You should learn how to stand up for yourself," the diseased boy said, offering his bloody hand for her.


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