Chapter Two

Merida was stuck on that step for moments until he took a step up and she heard a bell on her head. A warning bell that she immediately turned around and rushed to climb up.

"Wait! Merida!" She heard him scream but no! There was just no way that she's going to face that guy! No uh!

She continued to climb up. Good thing almost everyone was gone already.

"Merida c'mon! I just want to talk!" She heard him again.

His voice is like a blasting sound of a chainsaw that was going to tear her apart. It was scary to her so she kept running until she was up at the rooftop where she was nowhere to go.

Merida was catching her breath thinking of a way to hide from him but the rooftop was just so clean and plain. Okay, she's dead.


She looked back to see Jacob catching his breath, his hands on his knees. She frowned as she almost ran out of breath from running up.

"What is wrong with you? Why were you chasing me!?" Merida angrily asked.

"You were running away, so of course I had to chase you!" Jacob yelled.

"Why are you yelling at me? I was scared of you!" Merida yelled back.

"You-you're yelling too," he said as his breath finally steadied.

Merida can't stop glaring at him. "What do you want from me?"

"Nothing! I just want to apologize for being so shocked at how ug—I meant... uh... it's—"

Jacob can't find the right words to say sorry without mentioning that part.

Merida looked down and her face softened. "You don't have to apologize. Just leave me alone already," she spoke, almost like a whisper.

Now, Jacob just feels like shit. It probably hurt her that he said that. I’m so stupid, he thought to himself.

"I just want to be friends with you," Jacob told her, hoping she won't push him away.

But then the next thing she said hit him. "Why? Cause you think when we're friends you can freely bully me all you want?”

Merida stared at him when he couldn’t respond and he stared back at those sad eyes. Her face was clouded up by pain and self-hate. It was at that moment when he realized how beautiful she was in that disastrous look on her face. She can be beautiful if she wants to, he thought.

Merida was walking her way home but then this guy just won't stop following her. She just tries not to mind him but after ten minutes she just can't disregard this guy.

She stopped walking and turned to glare at him. "Why are you following me?"

Jacob showed a flattering smile and replied, "I just want to see you getting home safe."

Merida frowned as she can't figure out what this guy's intentions were. They've been in the same class, but it's just this year that he goes doing this. What's wrong with him? She asked in her head.

"Why stare at me like that?"

Merida shook her head turning her head at the side. She forgot that she was still looking at him when she spaced out.

"Nothing. I live just at the corner. You can go home now," Merida told him and continues to walk. 

"I meant inside the house. Which one is your house?" 

Merida turned around frustratingly. "Come on! Just leave already! Stop acting like you want to be friends with someone as ugly as me."

Jacob didn't say anything for fifteen slow seconds.

"Which one?" He insistently asked, showing an irritating look on his face.

"Ugh!!!" Merida groaned a hundred percent frustrated with the guy. She walked fast to stay away from him.

Jacob secretly grinned at the way she acted. She's cute, he thought and continue following her. Once they were in front of her house or so where she led him to, she faced him.

"Thank you for walking me home. Now you can leave and please don't bother me again," she told him so straight forward.

Jacob just smiled and waved at her.

When she thought he was out of view she sighed. Finally, that guy was gone. It excited her that he wants to be her friend but the fact that he's one of the popular boys at school, everyone would pick on them, especially her. His idea is trash to her.

Merida walked away from that house, walking her way to her real home. It wasn't her house, she just wants him to stop what he was doing.

Jacob finally left after seeing her set foot inside her real house. He smirked, thinking she didn't want him as her friend.

"But she can't do nothing when a Jacob wants to be her friend," he muttered to himself, smiling like an idiot.


"Why are you not tired of staring at yourself in the mirror? Nothing's going to change. You're ugly..." Merida told her reflection.

She sighed at herself, her face clouded in sadness. Then she turned around to walk towards the door, slouching as she gets down the stairs.

"Oh my! I never knew I had a hunchback daughter," her mom commented at her slouching.

Merida rolled her eyes and took a seat, facepalmed at the table and that's when her mother worries a lot. 

"Did you have a bad day yesterday?" Her mother asked.

"Every day is a bad day when you're ugly, mom."

Beth couldn't say anything. Her daughter was never ugly to her. She did everything to make Merida feel confident and beautiful but ... her daughter is declining the help. Sometimes it gets her thinking if she ever was a bad mother for not raising her child confidently beautiful in her self.


*ding dong*

Beth was cut off from what she was going to say when she heard the doorbell. Maybe it's the milk she ordered.

"I'll be back."

Beth went to get the door and when she opened it, she was shocked to see someone who she hasn't seen around. A young boy.

"Uh hi... I'm sorry if I came by too early. I'm Jacob by the way. I'm here for... Merida," he said with a nervous look.

Beth examined him. This boy is handsome and did he just say...

"I'm Beth, Merida's mother," she introduced herself and smiled. "You should come in. She's eating breakfast at the moment. Have you had breakfast?"

Beth opened the door wider for Jacob to come in. She led him to the living room and let him sit down.

Merida felt like her mom was talking to someone and so after washing her dishes she checked it out. 

"Mom are you—Holy muffin! Why are you here?" She screamed surprise at the sight of Jacob with her mom.

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