Chapter Three

Jacob beamed at her and replied, "Good morning to you!"

Merida glared at Jacob and then to her mom.

"Mom! You can't just let anybody in just cause they said they knew me!" Merida yelled at her mom. She doesn't want to see Jacob.

"Is he a bad guy?" Beth asked.

"Ugh! Whatever," Merida is annoyed at her mom for letting Jacob come in. She rolled her eyes at them and walk out of the house.

Now Jacob thinks she was being rude to her mother. "I'm sorry you two fought because of me. It was nice to know you Mrs. Hollyn but I got to catch up with your daughter. Thanks again."

After saying that, Jacob rushed out the door and catch up to Merida.

"How could you be so rude to your mother?" Jacob asked her as they both walk fast.

Merida ignored him as if he was just the wind blowing. Jacob on the other hand wasn't liking it.

"You're ugly!"

That stopped Merida from walking. Her breath heaved and she glowered at him. "I KNOW I'M UGLY!"

"Yeah! The way you are acting right now is ugly!" Jacob bawled.

Merida scoffed. "Just leave me alone! Mind your own business!"

After shouting that, she walks fast again but Jacob didn't follow. It made him upset. Why is she acting like that towards him? Can't she see I'm trying? Jacob asked himself.

He released a heavy breath after thinking about it. What's gotten into him for trying to befriend someone like Merida? She doesn’t try herself too.


Merida can't stop thinking about how she acted. She faced palmed and felt frustrated. Someone was actually trying to make her feel good aside from her mom but... he might just be participating in a bet or just trying to be friends with her and then hurt her. That's all Merida could think of.

While in the hallway, she spaced out and was thinking about that, she bumped into or was intently bumped by one of the mean girls.

"Watch it ugly!" Candice, the meanest girl in school angrily shouted and threw her a dirty look.

"I'm-I'm sorry. I didn't me–mean to," she stuttered, apologizing as she bows down her head. She was sure she was going to get beaten up.

"Sorry? You're sorry? Pick up my damn papers!" Candice commanded.

Merida immediately gathers up Candice's things that fell. Another scene where everyone will talk about her stupidity and ugliness. After picking them all up, Merida stood up and handed the things to Candice. Only the mean girl slapped Merida with the papers.

Everyone was at shock as well as Merida. Then Candice cornered her to the wall and laughed which everyone followed. Merida couldn't help but cry and not fight back. Because she believes that fighting back will only worsen the situation. 

"You're not just ugly! You're stupid as fuck too!"

Candice's arm raised and that's when Merida knew she was going to get hit. The mean girl’s fist was in the air and she closed her eyes.

"Yo! What do you think you're doing?" They heard someone asked.

 That made Candice to look back and for Merida to open her eyes. Everyone was shocked at the sudden interference Jacob did.

As Jacob enters the hallway earlier, he already heard so much story about the ugly girl who bumped into Candice. There's no one that they call ugly but Merida. So he rushed to the crowd and saw Candice trapping Merida. This girl wouldn't even fight back and nobody even tried to defend her.

"Oh hey! This b***h here bumped into me and I bet she intentionally did that!" Candice yelled, so everyone hears what happened.

Jacob looked at Merida and she just looked away. He knew what could happen. If Merida did bump into Candice then he's pretty sure she never meant to.

The next thing Jacob did was take Merida's hand and pull her away from Candice. That made everyone loudly gasped. The crowd’s eyes were wide locked on Jacob holding on to Merida's hand.

"We all know you Candice, so let's not lie," Jacob grunts, walking out of the crowd dragging Merida with him.

After they left, everyone who witnessed that started to whisper and Candice didn't like it at all! When they were far enough from those people, Jacob let go.

"Why didn't you fight back?" Jacob frustratingly asked with a frown.

Merida stayed quietly crying, not over the fact that Candice hurt her but at the kind act Jacob had shown her. No one has ever done this to her in a long time. It felt so new.

"You got to learn to fight back if you want to survive school," Jacob said once again.

He looked at the crying Merida and sighed. Bad timing, he forgot his handkerchief and her tears were continuously dropping. I can't keep her crying, he thought and so he pulled her for a hug.

Merida was shocked at the sudden gesture he just did. She tried to push him back but he's firmed.

"Why?" Merida asked, almost sounding like she just 


It's Sunday and it seemed like a great day for Merida. The days were fast and the past few days seemed to get better with Jacob by her side. She stares at herself in the mirror, like she always does before she'd leave her room.

"I'm glad your smile isn't fake today," she told her reflection and then smiled. She sounded crazy but whatever, she was happy.

"Merida! Jacob is here already!" Her mom, Beth called out.

"Yeah! I'll be there in a minute mom!"

She took a side view and looked at herself with a dress on. It felt weird wearing one but... it's kind of a special day for her so.

"It'll be okay," she assured herself before turning away and walking towards her door.

Merida had invited Jacob to go to church. He hasn't been there for quite a while but then he can't decline at her invitation as well. He just feels nervous that what if, she'll find him unscrupulous for not knowing what to respond during the mass.


Jacob looked up and he couldn't help but stare and grin. She was purely beautiful as always and it makes him smile.

"My! My! She wore a dress," Beth teased with a big smile on her face.

"Mom!" She shouted, her cheeks turning pink.

Jacob wanted to say she looks beautiful but then he got tongue-tied. He just can't say it to her yet. Just not yet...

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