Chapter Four

"Well, let's get going you guys," Beth cheerfully said.

Merida couldn't help but feel a little sad that Jacob hasn't— She shook her head the moment she realized what she was about to think.

"You okay?" Jacob asked her.

"Y-yeah..." she stammers.


They were now outside waiting for Beth to come out as the mass just ended. She can't help but get so distracted with her thoughts. She knows she's still ugly. Jacob was just kind and maybe really wants to be her friend out of pity.

"I should just be thankful," Merida mumbled to herself.

Jacob took a glance at Merida. She was mumbling something that he couldn't quite understand. He can see that she's bothered with something. Then she pouted which made Jacob smile and look away. 

Beth saw that smile and it made her smile as well. She thanked God for blessing her daughter someone like Jacob. She's not that worried for her anymore, there's three of them looking after Merida now.

"I wish you were still here and see this lovely view..." she whispered and walk towards Jacob and Merida.

Once Beth was in front of the two she thought of something. Perhaps an idea for the two to get closer and spend time together.

"My, my! I think you two should go somewhere tonight!" Beth said grinning at them both.

"Mom!" Merida yelled. She knows what her mother is doing. Beth just acted like she didn't say anything.

"Do you want to hang out and maybe go somewhere?" Jacob asked Merida shyly, scratching the back of his head. He doesn't know why he's being shy but he is.

Beth giggled and awed at them. "Well I'll see you at eleven, Merida Love Hollyn! And both of you enjoy it!"

Merida was about to say something but her mom went inside her car. She tried to open the car door but Beth wouldn't even open her daughter up.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry about how my mom acted! You can just give me a ride home," Merida told Jacob while she facepalmed. Beth is on to embarrass her.

Jacob just chuckled. They took the third mass so it's almost eight in the evening and he has plans.

"Let's not waste your dress and the evening. I'm not going to waste how beautiful this is," Jacob stated, opening the door for Merida.

Merida stared at him. She's having mixed feelings right now. It's like if she goes inside the car, she risks her heart.

Don't go inside... run away, she heard a voice say in her head. She's scared but then as she looks at the man opening the door, she felt safe.

"Where is this place?" Merida asked Jacob as soon as they arrived at the place.

"It's a secret," he replied and went all around to open her door.

Merida was overwhelmed as soon as the cold wind blew on her face. Her eyes widened and locked on the waves crashing on the shoreline. She slowly went out of the car. She suddenly froze when Jacob was on his knees in front of her.

"What are you doing!?" She asked abruptly. She thinks he's going to propose!

"Come on, let's take off your shoes. It will bury in the sand," Jacob replied, smiling at her.

She blushed at how embarrassing her thoughts were. I got to chill, Merida thought.

As soon as their shoes were off they walk their way near the water. Merida was getting cold but it's not likely of her to complain and tell. They both sat down on the sand under the night sky.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Jacob asked her, while they stare at the ocean and the night sky full of stars.

"Yeah it is so beautiful," she agreed with him. Then she rubbed her shoulders as the cold started to creep onto her. Failed at keeping it cool.

Jacob saw that and wanted to give her a jacket but sadly he wasn't wearing one so he decided to just back hug her.

"What are—"

"Hush and just let me keep you warm," Jacob cut her off. He feels really comfortable hugging her.

The warmth of his words run all over Merida and it made the chills go away. Now she can't and doesn't even want to make a single move. She feels his breathing on her neck and it immobilizes her.

Silence occupied the air for moments. It wasn't a bad awkward situation. It's more like they're talking and enjoying each other through a hug and a quiet night.

"Do you mean this though?" Merida asked all a sudden. She feels bothered once again by her thoughts of him just playing with her.

Jacob tighten his embrace and replied, "Why would I want to waste time on us if I didn't plan this to last?"

Merida moved a little to face Jacob. Bravely looking at his hazel gorgeous eyes. His eyes weren't as calming as the boy she once knew but still it managed to relax her somehow. Their eyes were twinkling under the stars.

It was the time that she has to ask him something. It might be embarrassing but she wants to know how he'll respond and what he truly thinks.

"Do you find me beautiful... even just a little?" 

There it went…

Their eyes just locked for seconds until she looked down and faced the ocean again. What was she thinking? She frustratingly asked herself. She's so embarrassing! He didn't even respond. Now, she just wants to cry...

Jacob wanted to give her an answer right away but he also wants to say his answer in the nicest way possible. In a romantic way where she'd feel like he meant it.

"So your full name is Merida Love Hollyn?" He asked her instead of answering.

Merida nodded. "Yeah, I just hate Love..."

She knew it. Jacob never really finds her beautiful. He would rather stay quiet than hurt her... Her tears were forming already.

"Love is Beautiful ..." he started that made her move brusquely, looking at him with wonder in her glossy eyes. Jacob wasn't looking at her, he was looking up at the stars.

"Merida is Beautiful." He then stopped gazing at the night sky to stare down at her teary eyes with a smile.

"You are beautiful."

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