Chapter Five

"Hey there, Merida!" Candice greeted Merida.

It's Monday again and they're on their way inside the building.

"Hello," she greeted back, almost like a whisper.

Candice seemed nice today, she thought.

It was going okay but then almost at the entrance she was unexpectedly pulled and pushed against the wall. "You really think just because Jacob stood up for you, you're fine now? He's just kind! It doesn't mean you're off the hook, ugly!"

Candice went on as if nothing happened while Merida was still catching her breath. Fright was what she felt. She slowly stands up and wipes her tears. This is what she hates the most, her tears show up fast.

Just don't mind her Merida! She's just jealous because someone finally stood up for you, Merida cheered herself up.

Despite being sad, she continues to go on as if Candice didn't just do something to her. It felt weird that nobody put a chewed gum on her seat. No marks on her desk and no trash. She stared at the class. Usually, they'd throw some paper at her but right now, they were minding their own business.

New, she thought.

Also, Jacob wasn't able to walk with her. He has basketball practice so early that's why she was alone.

"Uhm, Hi!"

Merida looks up to see who said that and she saw one of her classmates smiling at her. She was scared. What if she turned out to be just like Candice?

"Hello," she shyly responded.

"I hope you know my name, it's Lisa."

"Uhm I'm sure you know mine too. It goes with the nickname goldfish." Merida hinted.

"Oh don't worry! I like fishes. It's nice to meet you," Lisa said, reaching her hand in the air.

"Nice to meet you too," Merida smiled and gladly shake Lisa's hand. Well, she isn't like Candice at all, she's glad.

"Also, I might exchange seats with the one in front of you tomorrow so we'd get closer. Say, lunch together later?" Lisa invited.

Merida nodded.

"I see you're not a talker. But you'll talk later." Lisa waved as she makes her way back to her seat. There, she sprayed alcohol on her hands. "Ugh dirt all over me," she mumbles and rolled her eyes.

Merida was grinning, thinking she'll have a new friend. It's exciting because this time, it's a girl. Little did she know Lisa was hiding a scheme.

"Don't get your hopes up. You don't know Lisa."

Suddenly the guy in front of him warned her. He's not even looking.

"She's just trying to be nice," she reasoned.

Leo turned to his back to look at Merida and smirked. "Nobody's going to be nice unless there's something in it for them."

They continued to stare at each other until their instructor arrived. "Good morning class."

That was the cue for Leo to face back in the front. He sighed. This Merida sure doesn't know anything when it comes to royalties in the school. He glances at Lisa. That chick is a bitch. She probably was just going to use miss ugly for Jacob to notice her. What a shame, Leo thought.

Lunchtime when Lisa was invited by her group of royalties and immediately ditched Merida knowing Jacob didn't show up. And as for Merida, she said she understood without any corruptive thoughts. Besides, she never really gets to eat at the canteen, she eats with her lunchbox inside the classroom.

"So, she ditched you." Leo mockingly said, facing the eating Merida, ready to slap it to her face. He was asleep the whole time in class. He woke up and nobody's there but a miss ugly eating her lunch.

"I wouldn't say ditch, she had reasons," she replied and ate an egg roll.

Leo sarcastically laughed at her answer. "Yeah, right she didn't ditch because she has reasons. That's damn funny!"

Merida frowned. "Why are you suddenly talking to me?" She asked, narrowing her eyelids.

Leo shrugged and displayed a flattering smile. "Might be because I'm into you?"

"Haha as if I'd fall for that!" She scorned at him which he chuckled too.

"Why don't you mock those girls who bully you? I mean you're quite good at it," he suggested.

Merida glares at Leo. "Have some egg rolls. They are good."

Leo genuinely chuckled at how she swiftly changed the subject. He reached for one and took a bite. "Not bad but pinch some more salt in it, next time."

"Noted." Merida smiled.


After Jacob's practice, he decided to wait for Merida outside their classroom door. Peeking, he saw she was still packing when one of the guys approached her. He frowned, thinking his classmate, Leo might do something to her.

Surprised when Merida smiled at Leo. Are they friends? He asked in his thought.

Their talk wasn't long and Leo went his way to Jacob. Leo stopped walking in front of Jacob with both hands in his pocket.

"How was practice?" Leo asked him.

"Tiring as usual. What are you trying to do?" Something was telling Jacob that Leo has bad intentions towards Merida. It's not like the first time he’d do such things.

Leo laughed mockingly.

"You sure is something. No worries! I'm not on for miss ugly. She's nice by the way." After saying that Leo tapped Jacob's shoulder and left.

It didn't feel right, Jacob thought.

"Oh hey, Jacob!"

When he turned he saw Merida smiling at him. It made him smile. "May I walk you home?" He asked her.

Merida turned red almost immediately and shyly nodded.


"So, how's school today?" Jacob asked.

"It's new. I met new yet old people today," Merida happily told Jacob.

Hmm, he's happy but somewhat not feeling good with thoughts that Merida is gaining friends. He kind of wants her to only be his. Possessive? What a big joke!

"Really? Who are they?" Jacob questioned as if he doesn't know who.

"Oh just two of our classmates, Lisa and Leo. And oh! I just realized their name both start with L." Merida laughed at that corny realization.

Jacob took Merida's hand all of a sudden, stopping her from moving away so much. "Your hand perfectly fits in mine."

Merida's face was burning red and she can't help but look the other way. "Everything is getting better with you by my side," she muttered.

Jacob stopped walking and pulled her for a tight hug. It's Leo's fault he's being paranoid.

Merida was shocked. "Uhm... Jay, people are staring at us," she whispered.

"Let them stare. We're not doing anything bad."

Yeah, they weren't doing anything bad but she was still ugly. People are staring and laughing in their heads asking why? Why Jacob chose to be with someone as ugly as her.

"How was practice?"

Jacob leaned back slightly to see Merida's face. "It was tiring. Will you be able to watch the game next week?"

"I'll try."

They continued to walk home. It isn't official that they are together. They just sound like they are but nobody said they were and she was too shy to ask him.

Merida then bid goodbye to Jacob once they were in front of her house.

It's a good day, she thought

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