Chapter Nine

As soon as Merida was inside her room she broke down and cry. She was stupid to believe Jacob found her beautiful. She was stupid to assume that she's beautiful. So this is how it feels when a guy betrays a girl who believed in his words.

"I'm so stupid," she mumbles and sobs.

Jacob is famous and a handsome guy, he's also talented. Look at her! She's nothing good.

Why on earth would he suddenly turn his pace on me after all those years being in the same classes? It should be because he wanted me to participate in his twisted game. I was too naive, showing him how easy I can open up.

Merida wiped her tears away. It's time to do some deleting and distancing. Delete the memories of Jacob and his lies, distance herself from the deceiver. Jacob is now a beautiful stranger that did her wrong.

She washed herself up and put on her pyjamas. Her eyes felt heavy and it might puff tomorrow, then she'll be looking like a real goldfish. How sad. Her mom wasn't even home to comfort her. Beth is a doctor, which makes their house more lonely most of the time.

"Merida, please stop. It's time you stop," she mumbled.

Moments later she closed her eyes and about to fall asleep with tears still falling when her phone rang. She sighed in annoyance. She reached for her phone on the side table and looked at the screen. It was Jacob who called her. Now she's indecisive on choosing between answering or not. Wouldn't it be nice if they end in good terms?

She slides to answer.

"Love, are you okay now?" She heard him ask with a happy tone. Maybe he had enjoyed his night with the girl he was with, she thought.

"Oh yeah. I'm perfectly okay." Merida can't help but be cold.

"You don't sound okay," Jacob noticed, worried about her. "Are you upset with me? What's wrong?"

She covered her mouth so no noise will escape her. She breathes in and out softly. "Befriending you was wrong."

Silence occupied them for mere seconds.

"Wha–what? I don't understand you! Did I do something wrong? Tell me!" His voice rising.

"Don't bother me anymore." Merida then hung up. She turned her phone off and cries again. She hugged her pillow tight while she continues to sob.


Jacob tried calling Merida again but it only beeps. "Fudge!" He swore and throw his phone.

He's upset and frustrated now. Why was Merida back to the starting point? Why the hell was she back with the snobbish her?

They were fine earlier. Lisa had approached him and told him they'll go and tell Merida to come with them. Jacob trusted Lisa because Merida said they were friends. And then they told him she had a headache now all of a sudden Merida is mad at him? He can't end the night like this.

Jacob blasts out of his room and head straight to the door.

"Where are you going? Isn't it late?" Jeremy asked him.

"I'll be back. I need to see Merida."

"Wait isn't that the girl you called—"

"She's my girlfriend."

Jeremy was left with a big "oh". His little brother is confusing. He called this girl ugly and now— wait, his girlfriend?

Jacob kept hitting the doorbell but nobody was opening up for him. The lights seemed off. No, he can't just go without talking to her, just not this time.

He looked around for passerby that might think he's a thief and when he saw it was quiet he climbed up the gate. It wasn't really hard to do that. What's hard is to get inside Merida's room through her window.

Jacob climbed up to her not so wide balcony which she kept her plants to. He almost drops a pot of cactus, good thing he was fast.

Merida's room was dim but Jacob could see her perfectly on her bed. He tried sliding in through her window and he thank God it wasn't locked or else all that he did was for nothing.

He slipped in softly so he won't make a sound. It was a success but it seems like she was already sleeping. He pulled her swivel chair and sat on it. Just staring at Merida's back with a smile on his face. He just looks creepy.

Jacob held his breath in when Merida suddenly turned to his side. He exhaled when she was at rest again. This was a better view, he thought.

Merida just couldn't sleep, it feels like someone has their eyes on her so she woke up. She saw a figure sitting on her chair but she didn't mind it for seconds until her vision was clear.

Merida startled and rush up. She covered her front with a blanket and glares at Jacob. "What are you doing here? How–how did you get here?"

Jacob licked his lower lip before saying some words. That made Merida looked the other way.

"Why did you say that?" He asked leaning forward.

Merida fiercely looked at him. "How did you get in?"

"The window." Jacob sighed. This look on Merida's face, it means she's upset about something. "So, what are you upset about?"

"Nothing. I just realized that I shouldn't have befriended you."

Jacob stared at her for moments, processing what she just said. He frowned.

"Do you mean that?"

Merida couldn't look at Jacob's taunting eyes. She couldn't even say something and her tears are starting to form.

Jacob heavily sighed and stands up.

Merida thought he'd leave but instead, Jacob sat down on her bed, facing her. He tried to reach for her but she shoves his hands off. He's just really trying to be patient.

"I don't like the way you're acting," he muttered.

"Well, go away. I don't need you here," she grunts and sniffed.

He was frustrated, but he wouldn't pour gasoline into a burning flame. So what he did was to take off his shoes and lay down on her bed.

"That's not funny!" She yells but Jacob didn't listen.

He just laid there beside her. "I'm tired because of the game. If you want to be that way then go ahead."

Merida knew this guy's stubbornness so she let him be. She acted as if he wasn't there. She laid down boasting every motion she makes and faces the other way. A small gap was between them.

Jacob was never used to having a shirt on when he sleeps so he got up and took off his shirt. He glanced at Merida and smiled. What an attitude she's throwing him. He laid down and wrapped an arm around her waist.

Merida tensed with just that action from Jacob. What is this guy doing? If he continues to be like this she won't be able to run away from him, she thought.

Jacob moved, closing the gap between them. Merida could feel him breathing against her.

"I'm sorry. I should've checked on you and went straight here. Your headache must be really bad."

Merida frowned. Headache? What was he talking about?

"What do you mean a headache?"

"Your friend Lisa told me you had a headache that's why you couldn't come. She told me you guys would go together but she ended up being there without you."

Merida was confused for a moment. Then she gets it. It was a setup. No wonder the voices seemed familiar. It was Lisa and Candice's voice together with their mean friends. It made her shed more tears.

I got excited that I created reasons for Lisa, she thought, wiping her tears away.

Merida wanted to say sorry to Jacob for acting up. She turned to face him but then her eyes widened when he was shirtless. "What—where the hell is your shirt?"

Jacob chuckled and moved to look at Merida's red face. He saw some drop of tears and he wiped it off. "I don't like sleeping with a shirt on. Just like how you're not okay with a bra on."

Merida's face was redder than before. She accidentally kicks him off the bed and wrapped herself up with the blanket. She's so embarrassed!

He chuckled at how cute she acted all embarrassed.

When Merida stopped tossing and turning, he laid down again. She faced him all wrapped up with her blanket.

Jacob stared at Merida and he focused on that pouted lips of her. He knows he shouldn't do it. He knows he should act romantic but when it's tempting; he just want to take a bite and know how it tastes.

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