A week has gone by, busy with preparation for exams. I am currently at Ethan’s place. We plan to spend the day together even though we see each other practically every day. I am in the kitchen with Grace, making lunch together.

"Ethan, if you were a woman, I would have assumed you were giving birth up there. Why are you taking so long?" I say, making sure my voice is loud enough for him to hear me all the way upstairs.

"I am done taking a shower; I will be there in a sec," Ethan says, screaming back downstairs.

"Ever since I have known that boy, he has always taken so much time in the bathroom," Grace says, shaking her head while chuckling.

"I wonder what he does in there; even a woman does not take as much time as he does."

"I truly have no idea, my dear, and please excuse me. "I need to make a phone call."

"Alright, take your time."

"That’s because I want to look good for you, baby," Ethan says, whispering huskily into my ear

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