I am waiting in the lobby when Khloe finally arrives.

"I know I am late to pick you up, but I don’t think this face belongs to me," Khloe says, noticing the frown on my face.

"It belongs to Ethan’s stepbrother, Austin. You won’t believe what that human being said to me."

"One look at your face says you did not like what he said," Khloe says chuckling.

"You can only imagine," I say walking out of the hotel.

"You can tell me all about it over lunch," Khloe says while we wait for her car.

"With pleasure," I say getting into Khloe’s car to be on our way to one of our favourite restaurants in town.

We arrive at the restaurant and take our seats at the first empty table we come across. I tell Khloe what happened with Austin. She is also furious that he said such things to me. While we are eating, Khloe speaks up.

"You won’t believe what Marcus did. He asked me to forgive him and take him back. "

"He sai

Amal .A. Usman

Hi everyone, please before you start reading this chapter, I would like to give a big warning about a scene that is going to happen in this chapter. I know it is not an appropriate scene in a Muslim book but I felt it was needed to help our characters understand the decisions they make in life. Please be patient and read to the end before you Judge me and my book. I really hope the message I am trying to send gets across to everyone out there. **************

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