My legs take their own accord and start walking towards the exit of the airport. Please, Allah, save Ethan; I pray that nothing terrible has happened to him. I find an empty cab with ease and give the address of the hospital to the driver that I could remember Grace saying over the phone before it slipped from my palms. It takes a good hour before we get to the hospital and all the way my hands have not stopped shaking. They have been trembling in fear of what state Ethan might be in. I quickly step out of the cab and walk towards the entrance of the hospital. Ya Allah, please save him.

"Ple-e-ease I am look-k-king for-r—r Eht-tt-h-a-n Ma-nt-t-o-n-e," I say feeling myself shaking in nervousness and fear, which caused me to shutter. The nurse is about to speak when a voice beats her to it.

"Adina," Florence says, barely audible.

I turn around to face her, and I burst into tears with one look at her. The beautiful deep grey eyes of hers that Ethan inherited

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