The Prophecy
The Prophecy
Author: Angelique Thompson

Coming Back

Stella Rain

I look outside the window to see the woods moving, funny. I smile to myself it feels good to be back in Beacon Hills. I had moved away because I visited my family on my father's side.

I was sitting on the left side of the bus staring out of the window looking at the trees smiling. It feels good to be back home! I can't wait to see my Dad, Scott and Mama McDonald.

I miss them all. I smile as I stare out the window again, I pull my left foot to my right leg and started playing with my ankle bracelet. It's been on my ankle for as long as I can remember and I never took it off and I wouldn't dare to.

I flinched when I felt like something was wrong. I look out the window to still see the forest but I quickly grab my bag and walk down the bus aisle.

"Can I get a stop here please?" I look at the bus driver putting on my innocent face. "Are you sure? Your almost near Beacon Hills bus stop" I nodded at him as he sighs and stops the bus. "Thank you" I step off the bus and walk in the forest.

I push a piece of my dark brown hair out of my face to get a better look at where I'm walking. I spin around when I heard noises behind me but continue walking when I didn't hear anything.

I continue to walk while I push some brunches out of the way as I shiver. I wrap my arms around my body trying to keep myself warm.

God, A blouse and Jean shorts aren't the best things to wear tonight. I let out a breath and I watch as it danced around in the air, I chuckled at it but continue walking.

"What are you doing? This is private property" I jump a good foot in the air as I whipped around to see on one. "What the hell?" I whispered. "You didn't answer my question" I heard a cold voice.

I narrowed my eyes to see better in the dark. I could make out a figure, a man's figure! His eyes were glaring at me, I could see his jet black hair in the dark but nothing else.

"Umm," I tried to remember why I was here when I heard something or someone running. I turn around to see a gang of deers running straight towards me, I gasp when I felt strong arms wrapped around my waist pulling me out of the way.

I blink my eyes a couple times to get the dizziness out as I step out of the stranger's arm. I look around a little shaken by the deers that ran by.

"Are you okay?" He was glaring at me but his eyes soften a bit. I open my mouth to answer when I heard a.m familiar voice screamed.

"Scott?" I spin around in the direction of the voice. "Scott!" I bolted off in the direction of my best friend's voice. I had tripped over a few Vines and roots, not to mention the bag on my back is very heavy and I'm really clumsy.

I made it to what seems to be the middle of the forest when I heard groaning and grunts. "Scott?" The person's head shot up to look at me and even though his eyes were covered by his long hair I could still recognize his crooked jaw.

"Scott!" I wriggled my way out of my bag and drop beside him. "What happened?" I asked I saw him clenching his side I gently remove his bloody hands to see a nasty bite wound, I bit my lips when I saw it.

"That's gotta hurt" From the way Scott glared at me he heard me. "Okay let's.." Before I could do something I heard someone call my name. "Stella!" I immediately recognize my Dad's voice, I look down at Scott and saw him paled.

"Get out of here" I help him to his feet and push him to the other side of the forest. I turn to see flashlights moving before landed on me.

"What are you doing here?" Wait that doesn't sound like my father. The flashlight was moved from my face and I look up to see two persons. A handsome old man who looks to be in his forties and a beautiful woman with long black hair but I can see her eyes.

"I'm sorry this delinquent is mine" I look past them to see my father again with someone beside him. "Daddy!" I jumped from my spot on the ground and run towards him, jumping up in his arms as he wraps me in a tight embrace.

"Glad your back kiddo" I felt my dad lips at the side of my head as he tightens his embrace. "Not that I'm interrupting anything but Sheriff do you know her?" My dad chuckled and place a hand in my hair ruffling it.

"She's my daughter" I would give them a small smile but I'm so damn cold. "Okay time to get you home" my Dad walks to where I drop my bags and pick it up. He took off his jacket and drop it around my shoulder.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Mr and Mrs Harrison, goodnight to you Derek" my dad places a hand on my shoulder and push me off. I looked at the direction where I pushed Scott to see it empty.

I turned to look at the three people but give a small small to the third one that saved me from the pack of deers

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