I ducked my head. Jacob’s lips brushed my forehead as I moved, and he let out a small whimper. My heart clenched for him, but I wasn’t ready.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. I held onto him tightly, not wanting him to move away.

“Please, Jake,” I said. “After the ball. It’s not that long away. I just – I can’t. Not until then. I have to know.”

“But why?” He asked, his voice pained. I tried to meet his eyes, but he averted his gaze. “Why am I not enough for you? Really, Ari, please just think about this,” he begged. “What is a mate going to give you that I can’t?”

I gulped. I didn’t have an answer for him. I knew that I loved him, and I was certain that I would be happy with him. We could mate and live as mates, but part of me would always wonder if there was someone better suited to me out there.

“Please,” I said again. I didn’t have anything more to offer him.

He nodded mutely, and then

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Michelle F. Rivera
while this one has not been AS bad as most... I'm done pointing out their mistakes. I don't get paid to do this ... proofread your stuff will ya
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Claire Anderson
Great storyline so far
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Next chapter so expensive. Wow 😳

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