Less Than A Vampire
Less Than A Vampire
Author: Minna Blue

Chapter One

I remember everything from the time I was born to the time I wake up every morning, to wind blowing through wind-chimes on the neighbor's house. My bedroom window shook in its panes. It was just like every other night just with yesterday's days added to my life in a dream. Sometimes it turned into a nightmare. Soon I'd be 16 and a freshman at the local high school.

I was born on Halloween at 11 O'clock, I was the center of attention from the time I was born. I welcomed it from my family but I wish their friends would have not been in my face. I was the third child of my parents and last. My older brothers are twins, and by the time I was born they were 16, and they always fight for my attention. When I was one we moved to a closed community and I was never allowed outside.

Age 1

"Daddy, can I please go outside with you. It's too stuffy in the house!"

"No, dear it's night and you can't go out," my dad said engrossed in the paperwork he had all over his desk.

"Fine! I'll go ask Beck and Grant!" I shouted and stomped out the door. I could hear my dad getting up from his desk and coming after me.

"Blair-Boo they aren't here. They went out for food," my dad said from behind me. I turned around to face him, my father Phillip had started getting white hairs in his raven-black after a month of me being one. His eyes were a bright milky-way galaxy covered by thick dark lashes, his nose was thin and pointy at the end, and his lips were a light shade of pink. He was short but slim and very strong, even though he sat at his desk all the time.

"Why can't I ever go outside!?" I stomped my foot down and crossed my arms like my mother did when she wasn't happy with the boys.

My dad got down to my level and put his slim and strong hand on my small and equally thin shoulder, "Blair-Boo, it's not safe out there for y-" I cut him off "Even when I ask you to go out with me you still say it's not safe for me. It's our back-fucking-yard daddy. All the kids at school can go in their backyards and play and I never can. They have toys in their yards to play with and some even have pets!"

"Blair-Boo don't curse. Daddy doesn't feel like going outside right now and so it's not safe to go outside-" I ran off and slammed my door shut.

About a half-hour later my mother, Jane-Lyndon, had a spiral galaxy in her eyes and had long raven black hair and plump red cheeks and lips and a nose that fit her wide eyes and plumb face. My mother is smaller than my father by a foot and just as slim and strong as him.

"Blair-Boo, your father said you would like to go outside and play and Beck and Grant are back and will let you get some fresh air," she said petting my bright blonde hair and glanced into my irregular galaxy like eyes.

I gave her a hug and went running down the hall to Beck and Grant's room to make them rush out the back door to have the wind blow through my hair, Beck the first twin and he had a polar galaxy in his eyes and he always wanted my eyes. Grant was a tilted elliptical galaxy that seemed to move upright when he got mad.

"Beck and Grant! Come, come outside with me!" I said bursting into their room jumping up and down.

Grant sighed and picked me up and spun me around, "Yes, let us go outside and play tag!" Grant carried me out and Beck followed.

Once outside the vampire bats that slept off our roof woke and one sat on my shoulder as I chased after Beck and tagged him to chase after Grant.

Grant was always faster than Beck but when they played with me they put their competitive nature behind them to make me happy.

"Becky!!" I screamed as he picked me up and spun me around, "You're it Boo." I sighed, "I don't want to play anymore Beck, I want to look at the stars."

The little vampire bat that always sat on my shoulder flown by me and then once I was laid down he would lay on my tummy on his back, "Blair-Boo, you should name your little friend." Grant announced laying down by Beck and me.

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

"I'd say a boy," Beck said, Grant nodded his head.

"What about the name...Stefan, with an 'f'?" My brothers shook their heads but they bat hissed at them and seemed to like the name I had come up with.

That night I went to bed with Stefan in my bedroom on a bird stand that was for Beck's dead bird but he said I could have it for Stefan. Beck got a kiss on the cheek as a reward...

Present Age 16

"Blair-Boo! You better be up for school," my mom said through my door.

"I'm up mom," I shot back through the door.

I turned back to Stefan, "Mom and dad asked the school if I could take you and the school said yes so get on my shoulder." Stefan seemed to purred as I pet under his chin and feed him some bagged blood my parents gave me for him. I was never sure how they acquired the blood for Stefan, but I always guessed it was old that the hospital would have just thrown away because it was no longer good for medical use.

Once Stefan and I got to school he started to act weird and right when the mean crew showed up he flew off, "Stefan, I swear you’re not getting fed for a week," I screamed to myself as the insults and bullying started in from the head cheerleader, Monica.

"Blair maybe you should go boo-ho all the way home because you'll never be as good as us." Her groupies started to laugh and so did she till a tall boy stood behind them casting a dark shadow over them all, "You all should leave my girlfriend alone if you want to keep your teeth where they are," the boy growled in a very deep voice.

Monica looked at her nails then at the guy then at me, she huffed, "You would choose her over someone of my status!" Her friends started to leave and the people that were staring at her bully me left also seeing as the tall boy was dangerous.

He bent down to Monica's level and calmly said right in her face, "Yes, bitch I'd choose Blair over a blood whore any day."

Monica shrieked and rushed off to the principal's office. The tall boy held out his hand, "I'm glad that went well for my first interaction that wasn't purring at you."

I took his hand and looked up into his eyes they were pitch black with a sparkle of small stars in the middle, his hair was black and hung into his face to mid-nose level, his muscles were tight in the fabric of his clothing leaving nothing to the imagination.

"Who are you? Why are you being nice to me and why are you saying I’m your girlfriend! I've never met you!"

"Oh, Blair-Boo I'm genuinely hurt! Beck and Grant wouldn't be happy to hear that you hurt your dear Stefan with an "f"."

"S-S-Stefan as in my pet vampire bat?" I was whispering as he pulled me toward my first class and into an alcove in the wall.

"Yes," Stefan said smiling the way he always seemed to be as a bat, "I'm your guardian, and if you allow soulmate."

"Wait," I pulled back "Beck and Grant knew you could turn into a human?"

"Well, yes they knew but I'm an ancient royal vampire and everyone here is a vampire except you of course your an in-between."

I live with vampires! No way, then I stopped to think about it all and then realized all the times my parents and brothers wouldn't let me leave the house and how Stefan followed me everywhere I went in the house and would stop me from leaving the house on my own rebellious accord. My mind and body couldn't take all the lies that where being reviled and my eyes started to roll into the back of my head and my knees gave out from under me and Stefan's arms warped around my waist and neck.

Stefan's P.O.V.

Maybe I reviled to much to Blair but it was time for it to come out from someone else. I was losing time before it comes. Blair being an in-between puts her at risk and her as my beloved was one reason I've been in hiding instead of running the community but my sister was very capable of running things when it got messy, it might not be the best way, but she always seemed to get important information to Phillip if something needed a higher approval.

"Stefan, What happened to my daughter!" Phillip roared at me.

"I reviled to much I'm guessing and she fainted. We need to go to the safe house."

Phillip always knew this day would come when I would have to tell Blair the truth and crumble all the lies her life was built on. He also was thankfully and a very strong businessman that understood what had to be done to benefit his family and their safety. "I'll get a hold of Beck and Grant to come and pick you both up. I'll have Jane-Lyndon pack Blair-Boo's more personal things," with that he left down the hallway on his phone.

An hour later, Blair was still asleep. I held her close to my body as we sat in the back of the car Beck and Grant had brought to take us to the safe house. Looking at her next to me brought back the first time I saw her...


I was flying back to my community from my uncles after a conference about the issue of missing blood supplies and the ways to fix them. As that run through my mind I spotted movement in the sleeping neighborhood below, thinking it was a crime going on I lowered myself and my guards descended with me. We quietly landed on the house with the movement taking place at 11:00 pm, in a town where there was a curfew at 9:00 pm this was something I needed to check out.

A small girl with bright blonde hair and an irregular galaxy twinkling in her eyes was laughing quietly in a pair of twins' ears. Her bright blonde hair bounced around and the wind moved around her hair in the most memorizing way.

"Beck, Beck! Let's play tag?" I heard her say. Later I would find out she had only turned one and that the twin boys were her brothers.

"Blair-Boo, that's a great idea but we've really got to go inside," He sighed, "Dad said we could stay out for an hour and we've staid out three hours and played catch, froggies, name the stars, and tag five times."

"No!," from where I sat I could see some of the stars in her eyes spark "I don't want to be cooped up in that house all the time Beck! I have just as much as a right to be outside as much as you and the rest of my friends!" She snapped back. I could tell my guards didn't want to be on the other side of that bark.

"Blair no shouting then. You know we can only be outside as long as your quiet." the other twin, Grant said.

"Then I will be quiet and we all play tag." She stomped her foot and pointed each index finger at them. They nodded and then got in a huddle and played rock, paper, scissors the loser seemed to be the one it and chase the others until Blair had enough of the game.

She was on the far side of the yard now and motioned for her brothers to come to her, I could see her lips moving but couldn't tell what she was saying into her brother’s ears. Soon Beck picked her up and had her standing on his shoulders and then Grant had Beck set on his shoulder and then they did as Blair told them in a game of Simon Says.

I had sent most of my guards to explain things to my worried sister and when I turned back to the yard I couldn't see Blair in the yard at all it made me angry and scared. I heard a grunt off to the side of the roof to see little hands on the side and bright blonde hair then she was on the roof kneeling looking at me with her head crooked to one side like a puppy dog. She held a hand out and went to pet my silky fur but the rest of my guards flew up into her face and she just giggled and brushed them away like flies.

"Your a pretty one ain't you," She said finally petting my fur. I melted into her touch and purred and I was revolted with myself that I hadn't noticed it earlier that this small girl was neither vampire or the human but an in-between and that she indeed was my beloved.

"Well little vampire bat I should let you go back to your nightly activities," she yawned "I have a play date tomorrow, I can't miss it again," she said back over to the edge of the roof and waved and slid off like it was a slide.

I flew off behind her ready to catch her when I noticed that her brothers where on the ground grunting and she was giggling over the pain she caused them. I smiled and continued to fly home.

Later that week I went back at night to see them playing late outside again and this time I flew and sat on Blair's shoulder. I started to stay at their house more and more and close to after three months I was considered a pet, me an ancient royal vampire, a pet of all things to an in-between none-the-less. But I was loved unconditionally, and was pampered like a purse dog is by an overbearing owner.


Three hours later we pulled into the safely housed garage. I carried a sleeping Blair-Boo into the master bedroom and went to sit with her brothers that would be living in the house with us but to them it was probably a mansion.

"How long was she being bullied?" I asked them.

"We always thought it was happening but we could never prove anything all the way because she would shrug it off as high school drama and we'd cover up the parts where they got 'animistic' with her," Grant answered me. I could sense they feared me on some level and I tried to pull back my powers. In body form my powers were more felt by those around me.

"Was Monica a suspect of the bullying when you asked her?" I asked making myself sitting casual on the couch to put them at ease some.

Beck was the first to look me in the eyes, "We really thought she would have told you that she was being bullied. Monica was a friend of Blair's until she found out that Blair went home early and didn't attend the mandatory vampire growth classes. Since Blair doesn't live off blood or supplements she was exempt from the class and her other friends started to notice that she brought food from home to school to eat and that it was not even laced with blood like some of their lunches where." Grant nodded and continued where his twin left off, "We all thought she was just a later bloomer like our mother but it wasn't the case. She never showed any signs of a fledgling in middle school or even the chance when she was younger her canines never grow more than the slight pointing they had to them. That's why dad and mom never let her go to socials, the store, or and other activities at night or even in the day when she wasn't with two or more of us."

"There was always me following her. I would never let anything happen to my beloved," I was almost growling at them. I found myself holding back the urge to rip their throats out but I knew if I did that then I would never have a chance with Blair.

We turned on the T.V. since I had no more questions for them. I heard Blair-Boo wake and move down the hall to the living room. She stopped in the doorway.

"My life is a lie," She said softly and moved down the hall to the kitchen. I moved at vampire speed to the kitchen door before she got there to commit suicide.

"Please Blair it's not the way it’s supposed to be," I said grabbing her wrist before she could go to making plan B or even C a reality to get the result she wanted.

"Get your hands off of me!" she pulled away making my grip go tighter around her wrist. Beck and Grant were behind her now.

"Stefan, let go before you brake her wrist," Beck said softly. I knew Beck would rip my head off and pull my body to shreds if I hurt her. Beck was strong but compared to my power very weak but I'd be close to death if Blair was that badly hurt by me I would let him even if she ended up survived the pain I accidentally inflicted on her. I looked Blair in the eyes and loosen my grip on her wrist before they broke. She was most differently not able to heal as fast as a vampire. I learned that when she fell down the stairs on her way to eat dinner one night and split open her arm and her father had to break the bone back in place and stitch her arm up. Her blood put me on edge for three months.

"Sorry, but killing yourself is not an answer. Just because you were kept in the dark doesn't mean every part of it was a lie." I spoke softly and looked her straight in the eyes.

"Get. Your. Hands. Off. Of. Me. Now." was all she said to me her eyes sharply sparking and twisting like flint and steal striking. I lost my will to fight her and let go of her, my hands falling to my sides burning as I had just touched a white fire.

"Blair-Boo, I know that whatever Stefan told you reviled that you aren't entirely like us but your most differently not human either. Something in our family line was compromised and it ended up coming out in your genes making you less than a vampire...but more than human," Grant said drawing his sister's attention. Beck just looked at me with anger still obvious in his face.

Grant and Blair walked off towards the living room so he could explain why she was so special and everything I was supposed to tell her, but I thought better since I put her under a lot of stress and made her faint back at the school.

"You better not leave a mark on my sister unless she agrees to be your beloved," Beck said getting in my personal space as a threat.

"Beck you know as well as I that as long as she isn't hurt I can take you and fuck your ass up. Meaning the only time you could take me is when I've hurt her beyond repair and I think we both know I'd let you kill me."

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