Chapter Twenty-Two

P.o.v. Blair-Boo

I woke up on the floor. My back was warm and there was fur tickling my ears. I did not move as I still felt weak to the point of almost being sick.

Sarin appeared in my line of sight with our soup, "Thought this would help." He gave a warm smile as he knelt before he completely sat down on the ground near the head of the fur I laid on. Before I even would accept the spoon of soup Sarin got ready, I struggled as I looked over to the head of the wolf I had been sleeping on, it was Orion. My brain seemed to be confused as to why we were on the floor and he was in wolf form.

"Come on Blair eat up the soup before it goes cold. You need to build up your strength."

I struggled to move back to get ready to eat but I could not do it all on my own. Sarin helped me up, then started to spoon feed me.


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