Chapter 2

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"when you cease to dream, you cease to LIVE"


I looked with bewilderment at the tall skyscrapers that lined the streets of The Big Apple. I kept on repeating their names in my head, replacing some of the names with mine every once in a while.

"Denori Gareth tower," I whisper under my breath as we pass one of the tallest buildings in the world.

"What?" my mom asks a little too loud.

"I just wanted to know how my name will sound like if a tower was named after me." I reply.

"And it had to be this one, didn't it?" She scowls at me.

I was completely baffled, not knowing what crawled up her ass and died.

"It was just a coincidence," I say quietly because I didnt know what could make her mad at this moment.

"Denori, please don't make me regret allowing you to come to such a prestigious school. I want you to know your place amongst these heartless people. Remember where you are coming from and keep in mind where you want are going." She paused. 

"I just don't want you to get lost in pretending to be someone you're not, just to please those high-class babies, you're not one of them and the chances are that you might never be." Fear lacing her strong Ghanaian accent.

I nod my head, quiet violently, just to assure and calm her down. I know, exactly, all what she said was true and she doesnt want me to feel the pain she once felt.

The car becomes uncomfortably quiet and cold. I look around to find something to occupy my blank brain. My eye subconsciously meets with the drivers and we stare at each other until I return my gaze to the busy street.

I sat quietly looking at the cars and people pass by. Some with so much speed, you will think they were participating in a race. A young brown woman with a tear stained face catches my attention. My inquisitive mind begins to wonder of all the worst things that could happen to her under the sun.

She has probably lost her job, that seems like the most common and yet most dangerous situation anyone could be facing in this age, with so many jobs but not enough for humans to fill. 

She has probably lost someone dear to her, her mom, granny?, I think it is her dog. My attention is quickly diverted to a middle aged man who is screaming furiously into his cell, and it seems I am not the only one who is intrigued.

His wrinkled but smooth face is squeezed unwillingly into a tight frown. He catches at what is going on around him and all his actions cease.

The car speeds past thousand and millions of people and buildings. Most of them wearing thick jackets and extra clothing to guard their tender skin from the unbearably cold temperature. The sun was shining brightly from its permanent place above but the cold and wet winds made the environment foggy bearing witness of the tumultaneous thunder storm that was recorded yesterday.

After about twenty minutes of driving, the driver announces we are getting close to our destination. The thought of seeing the school in reality caused a volcanic eruption in my heart. Excitement builds up in my chest and I become restless.

My mind drifts off to the memorable time in my life when my aunt, Jocelyn, told me about I was twelve years by then and I had gone to get my hair braided by her. She began a tall story about her adventures at the mysterious and popular university. 

She went on and on about the fun and excitement that awaited every student, no matter your interests and also not forgetting to include their amazing studying facilities.

Unfortunately though, she could not complete because her scholarship got cancelled a year before completion. I did my further research on the school and my interest increased. It became an addiction, a thought I couldnt keep out of my mind. I promised myself that I was going to make it into the school and excel amazingly and under no circumstance was I going to buck.

I let out the loudest scream known to man when the entrance gate, bearing the initials of the college came into sight. My mother closes her ears and shakes her head in amusement. The driver turns and offers a polite smile.

I start hopping in my seat as we make our way through the gates. It felt like I was taking a stroll through the Promised Land. I could not help but gape at the beautiful structures as we slowly make our way through the school. Who could blame me, it looked more like a city than a pedagogic facility.

We pass some students wearing some of the shortest dresses I have ever seen; I smile and hope to be able to walk with such confidence one day. My mother on the other hand screwed her face in disgust.

We get off the taxi and pull out the bags. I turn around to face a series of magnificent buildings and people. I turn to my mother and we both smile agreeing on one thing, my new life has certainly begun.


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