Chapter 3

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"If life were predictable, it would cease to be life and be without flavor."


A million emotions burst through me and regret, definitely, wasn't one of them. The plan was simple:

*get into Marie-Mount University.

*pass all the semesters with flying colors.

*make some useful friends- friends with benefits.

*complete this university with a clean and amazing record.

*perform in a lot of plays.

*make all my dreams come to pass.

*take over the world with my mother.

I was lost in my own world, starring at the crowd in front of me. Registration and every other thing was done online in our local café except choosing an after lectures field. They thought it wise to give maximum time to the students to allow them to search within themselves to find out what they really enjoyed doing.

In my case, it was not needed since I knew even before I was born. I am very passionate about acting. When I was still young, no one could prevent me from acting. I and acting were like sugar and salt, we were not easily separated.

I and my mother pushed our way through the crowd, tuning to glance at nothing else. We were desperately looking for the drama club like a father searching for a lost son. 

The pressure and intensity made me think back to when I was a kid, some nine years back. The moment I thought was the stepping stone to the career of my dreams.

I was nine years old, I suppose. I had just landed the role of Annie in our school drama. Once my mother had arrived home I over excitedly, told her all about the play and the opportunity I could be given.

"The head of big acting cooperation and drama schools all around the globe are going to be present, I went on and on happily. The Queen of England might even show up," I continued.

My mom began preparing our super, pasta and chicken stew, while listening to me rattle over and over again about the play.

"They said a representative from the Rian Gareth organization is going to be there. He is going to fund the best performer," I pause to take a breath.

My mom who was cutting some vegetables suddenly froze. Not even blinking you might think she was having a stroke. Nervousness was radiating from her being.

"I will clearly win the best performer," I added confidently but quite nervously because I knew what would come from my mom. I have never gotten used to her disappointing tactics; she was a huge hope pooper.

"Dede, I am sorry but I cant allow you to perform in that show," she said calmly causing my head which was composed into chaos.

"But mom, I .." she cut me short before I could finish.

"No buts and explanations, I have made my decision."

There and then, she ended my dreams before it had even taken flight. Ever since that day I havent stepped on a single stage. My dream to be the first Ghanaian to win an EMMY award was thrown under a rug with disregard. Cold water had soaked up all the hope in my dreams and left it foggy and wet, no entry for light.

But now, I felt a different type of faith coursing through my veins. The light seemed to have found a creak in the wall that was built around my dreams; it was shining too bright now. I knew getting entry into the prestigious Drama club was going to be the start of something great. My life was just beginning at 18 years and it excited me to the core.

We finally got to the drama club registration table which was swarmed by people. At the back of the table were three neatly dressed ladies, probably in their fourth year. Their blonde hair was slicked back in a tight bun.

They all wore grey hoddies with DRAMALY printed on it. I politely approach them and they run me through their registration rules.

we will be pleased to have you as a member of our club, but before that we need you to fill some forms, you will be called for an audition, she raps this line like a rhyme. She has presumably said this statement almost the whole day.

"Okay sure," I agree.

A tingling sensation developed at the tips of my fingers and feet as she handed me the form which was going to change my future. I quickly fill the form with my mothers help.

After giving her the answered form I am harshly pushed unto the ground by a bony and tall caramel girl. She pushes her perfectly trimmed hair behind her and pretends to not notice me on the ground.

My mother helps me up and I brush off the dirt preparing myself to confront the pieces of bones she calls a body.

"Erm, excuse me," I tap her shoulders gently.

She turns to look at me; she tries an eye roll but fails miserably.

"You dont have the capacity or the standard to talk to me so, move aside,"

She tries turning away but I am not ready to let this slide.

"You pushed me you jerk!" I retort and fist my hand into a ball.

"Stop touching me maggot and move from my sight, you are making me sick," she sarcastically throws her hand over her head.

"Too bad princess, I am not moving till I get an apology," I reply confidently.

"If you dont fucking move I will make you regret the day you come out of that poop stained vagina," she threatens and I laugh hysterically.

"Well I am glad I didnt come out looking like I drank 200 bottles of slim tea. You look like you lack tissues, "I reply feeling like I was on top of the world.

Her face turns deep red and I feared it might have burst. I felt sad for her hand as they were shut tightly with her long nails digging into them.

"Fuck you," she shouts and pushes me so hard I bump into someone else. I fall not so gracefully and madam red face turned so pale you will think she had seen a ghost. She starts backing away and a small crowd gathers around me. Everyone was nervously looking at something behind me.

I slowly turn around, resting my hands on my knees to get a glimpse of the creature that was making everyone nervous. I stared into the most beautiful, well defined face, I had ever seen. I looked around confused for a while.

She was tall with long brown hair which fell below her shoulder. She had a long slender nose which was a little red at the point. Her makeup was perfectly done to match her glowing sunburnt skin. She wore a slight scowl and a look of annoyance very visible on her face. She was far from the monster I imagined was behind me.

"What in the name of fudge?" she screams, stretching the fudge.

I blink at her innocently. I tried to speak but I was lost of words and my brain seemed to have gone on a temporal strike.

The quietness of the once noisy school caused thick sweat to roll down my back into my pants. People already had their phones out, ready to record what was going to transpire.

Her dull green eyes started to blaze and anger was emanating off her like a second skin. Fear begins to engage in an unwelcomed conversation.

"Holy Jesus, do you know how much this jacket costs?" she asks rhetorically.

I run my eyes over a well- tailored; obviously, custom made coral jacket which looks like it came off the runway. It looked spectacular except for the tiny blotch on the left breast pocket. Even with the stain she managed to make everyone else look like they came out of the trash can.

My eyes catch on a cream colored coffee cup looking out of place next to her red pencil heel which added to her height. That made me realize what had happened.

"That boney bitch," I muttered.

"Did you just call me a bitch?" she looked at me with shock and I shake my head violently.

No, no, no, I try to justify the misunderstanding but my voice box also just retired. I refrain from doing anything else as this whole mess started because I opened my mouth.

"You fucking nincompoop, do you know the person you are messing with?" she looks at me as if expecting an answer.

"You clearly care less about your over cooked dirty body but you appear to have all the time to call me names, dont you,"

She continues to pour out insults, throwing in a racial slur every once in a while. I quickly glanced at the crowd who were over enjoying our little dystopian encounter. I threw my head back and groaned seeing no way out of this.



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