Chapter 5

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"Saying goodbye is the most painful way of solving a problem."


As soon as my eyes opened to face the harrowing bright sun, I knew it was going to be a long stressful day. I got up and prepared myself for a full day of avoiding my father. I raced to the breakfast room hoping to have missed him.

Unfortunately, when I entered, there sat, with inexplicable air of arrogance, the two people I have learnt to despise without hardship. The mere sight of Mr. Alastor Cage, my father, and the one and only Mrs. Portia Mason, also called Pigliddie.

Shhh, dont tell anyone, it is a secret name I gave her. Suits her very well.

Ahhhh, here he comes, he smiled his usual half felt grin. 

I gave them a nasty smirk and tried to make a run for it. I knew what their little meeting was about and I wanted nothing to do with it.

Leon! Ohh how I have missed my future son in law, her high pitched snotty voice rang through my head.

Her stout body dismounted the chair and forced me into a thigh breathtaking hug. I tried very hard to pull myself out of her life sucking embrace, dreading ever ending up as his in law.

So what is this little convention about? I now regret asking.

Ohh, Leon, Pigliddie began with uncertainty lacing her voice. Naira told me what she said to you, you should see how disappointed she was when she came home.

I stared at her patiently waiting for her to get straight to the point. My dad also got up from his seat and stared forcefully into the depths of my eyes.

Plus the release of that video of her defending herself, I believe you already know what happened? she paused, stress marks drawn all over her face.

You mean the incident that really revealed her true colors, i answered and she winced as if I just pushed a sword through her head. Yes, I witnessed it.

It was an accident, you know her very well dont you, she spoke looking agitated. My daughter will never say those things, you can testify to that, cant you?

I know I am not a very smart person, but at least I know that no one can be unintentionally cruel or even racist.

Dont say that, my daughter is not racist. I raised her. Tears sprang down her face in large quantities. she is so dejected right now, she is beside herself, thinking that she her career has come to an end, I am worried she might even attempt taking her own-

What do you want, I cut her short.

Leon, you will join her in an interview to clear her name. my father added in finality.

NO! I replied simply.

Mrs. Mason, looking distraught, turned to my dad begging with her teary eyes for his interjection.

You need to help her. he shook his head, but I wasnt surprised. She is your fiancée.

She called off the wedding just hours ago. 

She is very sorry about that, she was angry and worried. She wasnt thinking straight. Mrs. Mason defended.

I dont really care anyway, it is her is her problem not mine and Id rather not get my hands dirty. I retorted. it is her bed, she laid it so she should sleep in it. Alone

Please, Leon reconsider. I am scared for my daughter. She begged, urgency trimming her pronouncement.

Now that the wedding is back on, why dont you play your part as a good husband. He smiled glad he is still going to benefit from our marriage. It is your responsibility after all.

Dont lecture me about any damned duties. You had responsibilities too, to be a good husband and father but you shrieked them all. I said anger slowly creeping over my nerves. 

He turned his big grey eyes at me, staring me down at the same time probably drilling a screw driver through my head.

I turned on my heels and walked leisurely to my bedroom, the only place I could find real peace in this oversized house. With their muffled voices behind me, I looked toward my mothers garden. The bright sunlight illuminated the ruins of what was once my haven. The dead flowers delineated the way soul, the darkened soil depicted my life, taut and unyielding.

You know you dont have a choice. My father said when he caught up to me.

Then why did you waste my time? I asked then answered it myself. Ahhhh, they were just pleasantries.

Stop with the nonsense? If this is your way of fighting back then it is pathetic. He shouted as he had reached his breaking point.

This is my house, you eat off my table. Without me, tell me, where would you even be? he carried on. You dont get to make such decision because I have already done so.

This is my life! I shouted back completely bewildered.

I gave birth to your whiny ass, boy. Without me you wouldnt be here. He smirked. So yes! I do own your life.

I sighed desperately. He was crazy thinking he could ever own me.

As long as you live in my house and depend on me, I own you and I have the power to control every aspect of it. He ended unethically.

Well then I am leaving. I cant stand your dominance and your stupid face. I said going ahead to pack my things.

Boy wont last a day without me. I know you. He laughed humorously.

You dont know me well enough. I said and walked toward the door.

He rushed to stand in front of me, blocking the door. He gripped my collar in his beastlike hands and spoke, his voice reeking with alcohol and cigarettes.

You will be back in less than two days. He spat and let go. I guarantee.

With heightened determination, I walked out of that aviary that has undeservedly been called my home. I got into my car and with joy of a bird set free, I soared out of the mansion and out of misery that etched every piece of beautiful memory I had.

I never wanted to return. With my new found happiness and inspiration, I looked forward to a better life.


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