Chapter 6

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"Sometimes losing someone is the only way to show you how important it was."


I woke up with the beautiful morning sun in my face; it was streaming in from pristine window directly adjacent the bed. Birds were flocking past in massive numbers, chirping away with all their might. I lay in the four poster bed which I believe was filled with some sort of holy water because, my God was it comfortable.

The walls were light hues of pink, shimmering softly as the suns radiation fell lazily onto it. The sight was so calming and enchanting, the thought of ever getting of the bed, let alone the room, turned into a nightmare. It was the perfect room that could have been built to satisfy my very narrow taste; it was every girls dream room.

At least that was what Levi said as he ushered me into it after almost three hours of catching up. We talked of a lot of topics, mostly how I have been without having him around for so long and why he ended up staying in New York after assuring me he would be back.

Turns out, his parents found better paying jobs here in the big apple and the production team decided to shoot the movie which we both auditioned for in NY. Yes, we both got chosen but my over protective mom wouldn't let me act in it. It seemed really senseless to have made me work hard to get the role and later let me down so abruptly. Falling from such magical heights of hope sored my faith. To this day I haven't been able to heal the ache in my heart and the pang of anger and regret has ever since settled as an irremovable blotch on my burning desires. 

He then asked why I haven't yet achieved my dreams of being the best female actress and to win multiple awards. The answer was quite simple but also a very common factor in our modern society. 


Yes, my family, which comprises of only my mom, is not well to do. We have enough to put food into our bellies but never enough to enjoy any luxuries life has to offer. We could never dream of travelling or even go on vacation in the same country.

I cant ever blame my mother, no I cant. She did her very best and is still doing but the sad reality is that her best can never be good enough. 

That is the reason why getting the scholarship and the opportunity to attend this prestigious educating facility meant a lot to me. It is my stepping stone; it is our stepping stone out of the sticky but accepting bowels of poverty. All in all, it was a very long night and full of interesting realities.

I finally got myself out of the bed, which never looked so inviting, and made my way to the bathroom. I took my shower, brushed my teeth and put on a faded greyish-brown morning gown.

After deciding to make breakfast for Julian as a thank-you-for-your-warm-hospitality gift, I sneaked into my mothers room and took her phone. I set my playlist and began cooking my very special Royal bread and. dancing to the electric sound of God is a woman by Ariana Grande.

Mixing my flour, yeast, minute bananas, dried apples and strawberries, very little mango and orange juice and finally some vibrant cherries and salt for taste, I showcase my God-given talent of singing, dancing and cooking. 

I smile inwardly as the word MULTYTASKING rolled out in front of my minds eyes. Shaking my body slowly and rhythmically, I lowered the baking tin filled with the batter into the hot oven after I left the dough for about twenty minutes.

Rise up by Andra Day started playing when I was preparing my favorite blueberry spinach smoothie. I added the fresh spinach, frozen blueberries and some old fashioned oats to the plain Greek yogurt and milk in the blender then I returned the left over ingredients to their respective places to prevent the kitchen from looking clustered.

Mooveee Mountains, bring it to its feet

Mooooovveeeee Mountains.

I attempt to hit the high notes and in doing so flawlessly, I give my buttocks a little jiggle. I plug in the smoothie machine and turn it on.

You sound like an angel; I doubt same can be said for your very compulsive dances.

An unfamiliar voice shoots through the air. The deep, soothing and enigmatic voice clanged in my head like large golden church bells.

I am frozen in the spot, the suddenly dense air clogging my trachea and my brain cells. The kitchen was unbearably quiet except for the noisy chattering of the smoothie maker.

I think the blender is done, he speaks again, naughty goose bumps tickling my arms.

I switched of the machine and turn awkwardly to meet the smiling face of a very, very handsome boy. His youthful appearance suggests he wont be older than Levi. I travel from his pearly white teeth to the clearest set of blue eyes, totally awestruck.

Thank you, I pretend to look unfazed when I realized my mouth was hanging partly opened.

No problem, the machine was starting to sound a little tired anyway, He continues to show off his pearly white teeth.

Um, I meant what you said earlier. I said fighting hard to suppress my urine. 

Well it is undeniable. You sound like my grand mom, before she died, he pursed his lips and look around. Where is Levi?

Levi, apparates into the kitchen as if answering a call for help. He was all smiles, hugging us both. He looked clean and smelled of shaving cream and roses, quite a weird combination for boys. He was wearing a plain white shirt paired with old Mickey Mouse shorts.

Two of my favorite people in my most favorite place, he acknowledges, sniffing the air contently as the sweet scent of baked bread filled his nostrils.

I dont believe you have introduced yourselves yet, so here I go, he holds both of our hands in his and begins a very peculiar introduction ceremony. 

This over here is called Leonard, he speaks slowly as if talking to a child. And she is called Denori. He binds our hands together in his and shakes fervishly to encourage us to shake hands.

I rush to remove the bread when the timer goes off. The golden brown outer layer of the bread was heaven to my eyes and with the heavenly scent of the bread I was transported to a whole new world.

When mom emerged from her room, we all sat down and enjoyed my wholesome and healthy breakfast prepared with love. After the meal was completely devoured and countless amounts of praises had been showered unto me, I helped my mom pack and leave for her flight.

She didnt allow me to follow her there because she fears she might find it hard to leave me once she gets there. I was only allowed to wave from the lobby of the apartment complexes, sticking my head out through the electronic censored doors as they tried, relentlessly, to chop of my head. 

When I finally returned to my room and was safely covered under the thick cover cloth, hot tears rolled down my face soaking the pillow. The reality of no longer living with my mom dawned on me.

I stifled a cry, knowing she will no longer be around to wake me up, I wont have anyone to piss off anymore. I try and sooth myself with the fact that she was not dead but goes miserably wrong because images of her death floods my mind. I cried nonstop for hours until I finally fell asleep.


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