Chapter 7




Telling an introvert to go to a party is like telling a saint to go to Hell. ― Criss Jami 


Here is what has been happening in my life so far:

Mom left right after having breakfast. Her annoying boss refused to give her another day to ensure that I was all settled before going back to Wisconsin.

I just got a million views on my latest post on my new website. This is all thanks to the unwanted clout I gained after the Naira Mason incident. Almost everyone seems to have my back in the situation; I am forcing myself to not get too comfortable. After all, we live in an unpredictable world and you will never know when the tables will turn.

Last but not least, I am attending my first ever real party. I mean my first party without my mom acting as my shadow.

All the others I attended were when I was very younger. To be honest, the only reason I even went to those parties was to help my mom serve the rich kids of the rich parents she worked for.

In my opinion they were really dull, unless you consider four hours of nonstop live classical music and endless conversations on golf intriguing. The kids would be seen wearing fancy, mostly shimmering, gowns and the little boys wore nothing but a white shirt, thoroughly buttoned, and a black jacket and pants with their hair plastered on their foreheads.

I spent most of the time in the lavatories and under tables. Mainly because they would blindfold me and chase me around, trying to kick me. it wasnt fun at all, but the kids together with their jerky parents seemed to enjoy it. My mom didnt like it either, which parent would enjoy watching their child being chased by a circus of immaculately dressed, evolved, baboons.

But what could she do, beat them up; pour the food she was serving all over their ugly faces. I am sure she wished she could, I wished she would have, but the economic situation we were in could not hold the weight of her being jobless.

In my anger and annoyance, I pull the strands of my curly hair, twisting and coiling it, praying fervently for it to be obedient. After a long battle of chess with my unruly hair, I managed to achieve a bun look alike, right in the center of my big head.

I was waering a sunny dress with white polka dots all aroung it, not the most suitable for a wild party but that was what I had at the moment. I paired it with my turquoise blue sandals and a DIY long strap jean bag.

I looked in the mirror with a satisfied grin. I looked reasonable. Looking at my reflection some more, I came to the conclusion that I have never looked this great.

Just as I was applying my orange lip gloss, I was distracted by a loud knock on my door. It was Levi, looking as hunky as ever. He wore an off white distressed ripped t shirt, paired with black jeans and a pair of nick air vapor max. He finished off his look with some designer shades.

"What in the name of black Jesus are you wearing?" he asked pushing down his shades for a better view.

I smile brightly and give a little twirl, I am trying a remake of a post I saw on the internet.

"This is a summer party, with alcohol and nearly naked people." He stated; his tone etched with indignation. "not some poorly organized Halloween party for kids."

"So? I am dressed for the occasion, aint i." I maintain my unwavering smile. "I think I look amazing."

"I think you look like a toucan and a mandarin duck had a baby,now they both wish that drunken night never happened." He continued. "You are not following me, dressed like some horrid creature that came out of ol' Hagrids daydreams."

Now that was downright bullying." It isnt my fault. These are the nicest clothes I have with me."

"No need to worry, puppy dog."

Puppy and dog. Now I am confused. A minute ago I was a freaking toucan-duck and now I am a puppy and a dog, at the same time.

By the way I am a full bred human being. Just in case any of you were wondering.

"I have a few clothes right here," he enters the walk in closet and takes out a brand new Louis vuitton cricket trunk filled with clothes, expensive once. The once whose prices you can determine by their scents.

"You own female clothes?" I asked addled.

"They are not mine, they are for my girlfriend. She leaves them here sometimes." He replied as he opened it up to search for something for me to wear.

My confusion instantly clears giving room to uncertainty and disappointment.

Question like he has a girlfriend? and why didnt he tell me?, Were buzzing through my head like a witch bee.

"Here," he resurfaced and handed over a cotton like sleeveless black top that glistened under the closets light and a pair of heels with Jimmy Choo boldly written on the footpad.

"Will she be okay with me wearing her clothes?" I diverted from the question I really wanted to ask, 'is she pretty.'

He nods evasively and hurriedly packed up the clothes. When he was ready to leave, I stopped him, wanting to quiz him more on this mysterious girlfriend.

'Where did you guys meet? Are you sure you love her?'

"Where are the shorts?" I ask instead.

"What shorts?" he asked back confused.

'Does she even make you happy?'

"You dont expect me to wear this top alone, do you?" I asked perplexed.

"It isnt a top, it is a dress. He defended. Plus, you have nothing to hide. You'll look amazing."

I blushed dangerously and stopped when my cheeks began to hurt.

I'll bet you anything he has never said this to his so called girlfriend.

I slipped on the outfit and admired myself in the mirror. I stood there, slobbering of my legs in these magical heels. I wipped off my lip gloss leaving my lips bare and rush out of the room when Levis restless voice pierced through my ears.

We quickly descended, hurtfully, with no compliments being passed my way.

Once we entered his car, we hit the road. Passing buildings, mostly skyscrapers, then little wooden homes, we turned left unto a luminous street with no sign of human life.

I almost thought we were missing until we heard loud music from the house which was still out of sight.

I felt giddy and my pulse began to quicken when the full view of the party house came into sight.

The building was huge, shaking violently, it looked like a big bouncing ball. Cars together with people littered the parking lot like ants. Nearly every inch of the parking lot was covered by drunk, half drunk and very drunk people and the party hadnt even started.

He found a spot to park and we get out. we were instantly surrounded by people who resembled zombies. Levi guided me out of the there.

Yet again we bumped into someone else.

She was tall with spindly legs, had long thick black her that covered her whole back. She, in a swift moment, engulfed Levi in a tight hug. Her really short dress failed to conseal her black tongs.

Yuck! How revolting.

They smooched each other passionately and all the while, I stood there and pretended to act as if I wasnt looking. But I was.

Dont judge me.

I took a wild guess and I turned out correct. Little miss snake eye here is Levis girlfriend. I snorted, loudly, when my eyes, incidentally, fell on her tiny buttocks.

That seemed to bring them out of their romantic trance and back into reality. Levi stared around, apparently lost while his girlfriend turned her wicked snakelike gaze towards me.

Okay, I lied. They werent snakelike, not at all. In fact they were pretty. Like brown and dilated pretty.

They looked like they were lost in some dark forest and were frantically searching for a savior, which made her look prettier.

"Um.. this is Denori." Levi finally found his voice.

"Ahhhh yes, the mysterious girl from the video. I didnt even know you two were friends," she smiled, but it didnt look genuine.

"Denori this is Nora." He turned to face me

"It is a pleasure to meet you." I greet politely.

"What a pretty dress, she compliments. I think I might even own some but I might be wrong. With all the dresses in my closet I doubt I would even remember." She bragged.  "you know rich kid problems. I doubt youll understand."

I laugh awkwardly and pretend to understand what she meant by that.

"Well it is yours." I informed her and at the corner of my eye I saw Levi flinching.

She laughed some more and stopped abruptly. "you are kidding right?"

"No,"Julian laughed this time, trying to hide his fear. "she had nothing to wear. I thought you wouldnt mind."

"Well you thought wrongly because I do mind."

"I am sorry; you have so many clothes I didnt think it would matter to you." He looked at her. "I was just trying to be a good person. You know good neighborliness."

"she isnt my neighbor, goddamn, I dont even know this bitch and give her my clothes?" she was beside herself at this moment.

"Nora, I am really sorry..." I tried to apologize but I was rudely cut off.

"Shut up fucker, and next time try and get your own clothes." She screamed on top of her voice.

I looked around to see people minding their own business. I couldnt seem to catch a break with these kids. First, princess Naira, now queen Nora.

Now I knew what was happening. Life is deliberately trying to get me run over. I decided to make a run for it when their argument escalated. There was a lot of the party I hadnt witnessed yet and my feet were getting itchy.

I didnt come her to watch two people quarrel, if that was what I really wanted to do, I could have just stayed home and watch some real housewives or any of the new reality shows that are out now.


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