Meant to Be... Yours
Meant to Be... Yours
Author: Annabel Raven

She held the collar of her coat and ran through the roof of the five-story building to the edge, tilting her head back, observing the angry rolling clouds announcing the storm, likewise inside her head. On that terrible morning, the dark gray skies promised an omen. A flashback of her life passed before her eyes, while she contemplated the horizon, and the wind picked up getting stronger by the minute.

Every breathing moment of her existence had been a terrible mistake, and for too long she had been living in hell, but now she had the chance to break free. Finally, do some good! Closing her eyes, she remembered those dark gray bluish ones looking at her full of disappointment and disbelief, and she was the one to put them there.

Lord! It was too much to bear. When her legs gave up on her, she fell to her knees. Even though she had no more tears to shed, she pleaded to God to have mercy on her, on her soul, and on what she was about to do. She pleaded to Him to forgive her sins and weaknesses, and give her a well-deserved peace.

Voices took her out of her daze, and gathering the little she had of her strength, she grabbed herself at the edge of the building, stood up, and stepped on it. The door to the roof broke open abruptly, hitting the concrete wall with a loud thud, and a man in a suit with four security guards rushed out of it.

“What are you doing?” A strong and raspy, anguished voice called to her, making her shiver.

“Don’t come anywhere closer to me!” Her bottom lip shook and tears pricked in the back of her eyes. She knew it was the only way out.

“Get away from there, please. Let’s talk. It doesn’t need to end this way!” leaning forward, he extended his arm, wishing she took his hand. “Please?” With wide begging eyes staring at her, he stepped forward.

“Yes, it does. It has to be this way. It will be better for everybody.” Her tears streamed down her cheeks. “Stop! I said, don’t get any closer!” Her scream made everyone freeze in place. “You didn’t deserve what I let happen to you. You didn’t deserve all the hurt you went through. I have to end this, now!”

“Please, we can find a way, I still love you!” His face was a mask of pain and fear.

“I know, that’s why I need to put an end to this, please forgive me…”

“Don’t do this! Take my hand, talk to me.” And he gave one more step in her direction.

“There’s nothing else to talk about… Justin!” She looked around. “I need to stop this, I’m sorry!” A sob escaped her throat. “I’m doing this for you... For us!” She mouthed something to him, crossed her arms above her chest, and let go of her body. Steps running towards her and agonizing screams were the last thing she heard, and she wasn’t there anymore...

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goodnovel comment avatar
"angry rolling clouds" is a personification, I usually not a fan of a personification in a novel, but I think in your case it is okay. I also love how it the end of the chapter, when the mc do a suicide, it intrigued me to read further.
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow! What a shocking prologue already. Intrigued about it now and look forward to read more

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