Nabeshin hurried out of his room but accidentally caught his sight of the old bag on the side of the bed. As time goes on he becomes more and more unable to resist looking back, there seems to be an unseen force taking him back into the past that he would have wished to fade, but how is he going to do that if everything about it has triggered him every day.

He felt strange around ... it suddenly closed the door when he heard a familiar voice. Suddenly his forehead was sweating, he felt like he was choking. Her eyes widened as she slowly turned to her side.

"Sir, the car is waiting below," the voice said again. She was just his secretary, still frowning as he looked at her.

He turned his eyes in another direction and made the facial expression serious. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that the voice he had been heard before was just imaginary.

"A-alright," he replied shortly as he removed the key from the lock of the door of his occupied room.

He followed his secretary down to the hotel, he noticed from time to time that his secretary turned to him so he looked at it. Until it finally stopped so Nabeshin was also stunned. It slowly faced him and he could clearly draw a familiar smile on its lips. The smile gives a strange leap to his heart every time ... when he sees it either personally or in a dream.

It's eyes always follow his most hidden personality.

The rest of it he hoped to kiss then ...

More than enough blood is now flowing!

"Von ..." he said weakly but he couldn't figure out if the name was just in his mouth or in his mind.

In the blink of an eye, the surroundings became dark ... and that apparition was the last he saw before he was completely swallowed up by darkness.


"TWELVE, Von hasn't been here in weeks. Doesn't he have any plans to report?" Nabeshin asked Toji fixing something on its motor.

His friend was stunned by what he was doing and then looked at him, his eyes blinking full of pleasure.

"Why do you miss him, Nine?" There was no question of it to him. He stood up and immediately washed his hands in the sink.

His eyes narrowed even more at what Toji said. He clasped his hand as he watched it, "I just want to make sure she's serious and she has one word. B-but it seems in what she's doing she's just proving she doesn't deserve it."

Toji walked slowly, seemingly ignoring Nabeshin's annoyance. He took a dry bimpo from a drawer to wipe his wet hands when he took the cellphone out of his pocket.

"As for you, Nine, you're too advanced to think. Wait a minute and I'll call." After saying that, Toji immediately turned around.

Nabeshin returned to his desk. They're in the second episode of the anime they're making, he can't finish it because he's waiting for Von's script. ZNT is the title of the show they do and Von is the script writer. Whether Nabeshin admits it or not, the girl's ideas in every scene in the first episode ended were beautiful. Somehow Toji was right. Von can contribute a lot to their launche just in case. Maybe by the end of the year 2009 or 2010 they will finally release it. It will take three or four years before that is completely finish.

Toji and I don't have a problem with the money to launch the project because apart from having money to produce independently, Toji and Nabeshin are also investors and executive producers in some of the anime being released in Japan. That's all they have to be careful and be anonymous because they are not yet in the right age. Their company Spinx is their front to produce and invest. Because they are complete with documents and money, they are able to operate without attracting much attention from others, in addition to their high IQ and natural cunning so they can overcome the problems they face. The truth of the matter is, even if they don't go to school, they can afford to pass high school. They just go in so they can have a school record and graduate.

Nabeshin was already transferring what he had encoded last night when Toji suddenly approached.

"I'm leaving Nine first, I just have to buy something," he said goodbye.

"All right," was his short reply to it.

Toji stayed by his side for a few seconds before sighing and leaving. Nabeshin's extreme concern was in the friend's eyes.

Moments later Nabeshin was stunned by what he was doing. He firmly bit his lower lip with the suppressed scream until it hurt and bled. He closed his eyes tightly, at the same time as he crawled under his drawer. He quickly picked up a bottle that was there, his hands still shaking as he opened it. He quickly swallowed three pills. He almost shook his head in extreme pain, he could still hear a deafening sound that made his head hurt even more.

Nabeshin took quick and deep breaths as he clenched his fist tightly. In a flash, he violently threw the bottles of medicine he had been taking since childhood.



Self -pity

Three emotions that enslave him when pain attacks him.

When he felt better, he turned his attention back to the computer monitor. He opened a hidden program, he uses that every time he hacks. He swiped and typed on the keyboard and mouse before he could finally enter the account he was looking for. He quickly read all of Toji's past activities, whether on social media or by text and call. He didn't even miss the map on the cell phone he was carrying.

He moaned at what he saw, read and heard ...

He would not think that it would keep it a secret from him, that it would completely ignore him. This is slowly changing.

Twelve will also leave him ...

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