0.5 H I DE & SEEK

Nabeshin and Shan's car is still driving through the crowded area of ​​Tokyo. The sunshine of those times was beautiful, it was very similar to the times when Shan returned to Japan ten years ago.

"Do you still remember that first day we met, Nine?" Later Shan asked next door, causing her to look up at him. Shan's attention remained focused outside the car. He could clearly see from afar the function of the red train.


"NABESHIN, maybe it's not too much that Lisa is here first," Toji said suddenly.

Nabeshin immediately looked at the him, they were playing chess of those moments. There was a streak of smile on his lips. His lips twitched, he wanted to say something to Toji but he just remained silent. 

"You understand Von's situation, don't you, Nine?" Twelve still continues.

"But Toji, we can't trust her. All I want is for her to recover from her fever!" irritable said Nabeshin.

"But it's okay that she's just here, you know, so that someone can take care of us."

Nabeshin's eyes narrowed as he stared at him.

"Even before she was not with us, we were able to take care of ourselves. So stop pushing because my decision is final," Nabeshin concluded the discussion.

Toji stopped talking so he just focused on the game.

"If I'm with you, Twelve, it's okay for you to just sacrifice the queen." Meaningful Nabeshin said shortly once motion of his last turn. "Check mate."

Toji still didn't say a word until he stood up.

"I'm leaving Twelve first, I'm just going somewhere," he said goodbye. His friend just nodded in response. "I'll just look at what we finished the other day. Een our PC will be checked, because lately it's not working good."

He went into his room to change his clothes. When he came out, he noticed that Toji was preparing something to cook.

"I'll cook Von some curry, that's good for someone with a fever like her. "

His eyes twinkled as he said his attention was focused on the sliced ​​tomato.

Nabeshin stared at him for a long time, when he got bored he left.

Toji slowly let go of the knife he was holding because of the nervousness he suddenly felt. He ran quickly to follow Nabeshin, but his friend already left.

The young man could not understand but he felt like something bad was not going to happen that day.


Nabeshin was about to enter the train when people ran out, he could clearly see the smoke coming from inside.

He was about to turn around when he noticed a woman who was still inside, she was wearing headphones and she was obviously asleep so she didn't notice the commotion around. He quickly got on the train and immediately lifted it out but they were not far away when suddenly something exploded and suddenly everything went dark with Nabeshin.


SLOWLY he opened his eyes. He first hit the white ceiling, he was even held on his head because of the pain coming from there.

"How are you Nine a-are you okay?" Toji immediately asked him, concern on his face. He paid a lot of attention to Von next to him, his face was also full of concern.

Somehow Nabeshin felt relieved, he closed his eyes again, to this day he was still dizzy.

"Did you know you were unconscious for three days, Nine?" Toji said again.

He opened his eyes again. Toji recounted that there was an explosion at the train station where he was supposed to board.

"How's the girl?" Nabeshin asked referring to the one he rescued on the train a few seconds before it exploded.

"She's okay Nine, she's in the other room."

He was about to close his eyes again when suddenly something he remembered. He looked at Toji who was surprised to meet his gaze.

"H-how about our files, is it okay ?!" he asked anxiously as he got up. He was pale and his heart was beating so fast, he felt like it would explode with extreme nervousness.

"Ahh ... I-I'm sorry, Nabeshin. Hmmm... you dropped your bag on the chair when you picked up Shan."

Heaven and earth seem to have overthrown Nabeshin in those moments. He clenched his fists tightly as he shouted. He cried as if he had lost a loved one. The contents of that bag were very important to him, almost half of his life he had devoted to it but in a flash all that was gone.

"That's okay, Nine, let's start again. Isn't it Von?" Toji consoled him but Nabeshin cried even more.

"You don't understand, Twelve, I'm wasting  so much time!" He insisted. He was increasingly attacked by various worries. Toji just hugged him tightly.

Between tears he saw Von not far away. Sympathy was on her face as she looked at him. Nabeshin's eyes were stained with pity, which made him feel even more sorry for himself. He became more and more aware that all his weaknesses were slowly being swallowed up by unforgivable grief.

Everything that happens to him now seems to be punishment.


Shan slowly opened his eyes. He heard a shout coming from the other room so he forced herself to move her legs to get up from the bed. She thinks the man who saved her from certain death is awake. She was very grateful for it even though she had never seen it before, she knew this person was kind.

She slowly stepped out while dragging his IV fluid stand. Even though it was hard for her, she wanted to personally thank the man who saved her.

After leaving his own room, Shan approached the room where she knew Nabeshin was staying. From the small opening of its door she could clearly see the continuous tears of his savior. Suddenly Shan felt what a feeling for him. She reflected the chisel on the handsome face of the young man.

Suddenly, Shan's heart was filled with inexplicable emotions, she hoped that all the pain he was going through now would also be relieved.

What matters is that she has found the right man she will love until her last breath. Shan promises herself that she won't let him cry again.

This is the last time she will see it like that ...

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