07. D A U C E

NABESHIN could see so many people around, he could hear the noise and screams as he came out of the back stage. He immediately waved so it got even more chaotic. The people around barely cheered evenmore. Nabeshin could clearly see the posters they were holding. Some even wore clothes with prints on the faces of his characters Nine, Twelve and Lisa. He also saw a few pictures of Five.

The poster of his Anime series ZNT is widespread throughout the country. It's only the first week that the anime series has aired but the audience has received such a warm support. His eyes twinkled when he saw many people enjoying his work. He felt Shan's hand gently caress his arm.

"I told you they will love it, Nabeshin." Smiling she said to him.

"Yes." Full of pleasure he agreed.

The program started while he was just on the edge of the stage and continued to sign ZNT posters and merchandise carried by fans. He was also called to the front several times to answer questions from some of the ZNT fans. Nabeshin also spent a long time to finished the autograph session, although he was tired he still felt blissful.

He quickly wiped the sweat from his forehead, only a few were left for him to sign. Although his hand and finger were in need, he just put up with it. Until he finished signing the last fans to attend his event. He still happily shook her hand and thanked her. He looked up at the stage and saw that his staff was getting tired. He also managed to loot the items while looking for Shan but wherever he looked he could not find her.

He was about to stand when he noticed someone standing near where he was sitting. He suddenly stiffened when he saw its familiar smile ... his smile seemed as hot as the sun's rays.

The man he once considered his brother


"T-Twelve ..." he whispered.


Nabeshin and Shan are currently playing chess when Toji says goodbye. Nabeshin nodded, his face very serious, his attention focused on the game.

"We're leaving, Nine," Toji repeated.

"All right." Nabeshin replied sparingly, the irritation obvious on his face.

Toji just smiled because for the first time someone beat him in a chess game.

He even laughed when suddenly Nabeshin stood up and cursed several times as Shan just relaxed in the seat as she stared at the newly manicured nails.

"Another round," Nabeshin said suddenly as he adjusted the chess board.

"Okay go ahead, just make sure on your fifth try you win." The girl said with a smile, which made Nabeshin even angrier.

"Of course I'll make sure I beat you now." Nabeshin said stiffly. Then someone suddenly thought of it, a plan that he would surely win. "Leave Twelve, I'll still count here with Five." Nabeshin said seriously to Toji who responded with a simple smile.

"I'll take Lisa with me so I can have a porter at the grocery store," Toji said before pulling Von out of the living room by the hand ...

They were in the middle of the game when Shan suddenly spoke up.

"Do you think you can defeat me, Nine, no one has defeated me yet." She said to his playmate with a smile.

Nabeshin just remained focused on the chess board with his two palms wrapped around his knees. A cunning smile tore from the young man's lips before he stared into her eyes, "That's what you thought, besides, Shan I already know your secret."

Shan's eyebrows suddenly met.

"W-what's the secret, Nine?" She asked Nabeshin incredulously.

He slowly picked up the queen's piece, removed Shan's knight from its position and then laid the queen there.


Nabeshin leaned back against the back of the chair, confidence on his face. As Shan gritted her teeth in extreme annoyance and nervousness.

"Are you scared Shan? I know you don't have amnesia ..." he added which immediately made Shan's face stunned. She looked even paler.

"H-how did you say that." Frightened, she tried to calm herself. In Shan's mind, it will definitely drive her away because she already defeated him.

She immediately moved her queen, her finger still shaking afterwards.

"I heard you talking to Clarence on your cellphone, Shan. Is that your boyfriend?" Nabeshin said nothing.

He quickly grabbed his queen in the chess board.

Shan bit her under lip tightly, while the other one was easily facilitated by Nabeshin's move. She was very annoyed because her game was ruined.

"Stop! As if you care about who Clarence is ..." Shan returned.

"I care because you're still in our place!" Nabeshin scolded her.

Shan kept staring him.

"I know you like me. In the few months you've been living here I've been secretly monitoring your every move."

Shan suddenly blushed, she finally felt embarrassed in front of him but she didn't move, she showed a smirk. She raised her face and met Nabeshin's eyes. She attacked again. This time, Shan's confidence is back again, she will never give up even if he says she likes him.

"If you know, why don't you let me go yet? Is it because of the ZNT project? Even without me ... Toji and you can handle that." She said directly to the guy.

After placing the turn on the chess board, he again turned his attention to the girl.

"Because I haven't beaten you in chess yet ..." was his short statement.

Shan's lips finally felt surprised for what she heard from Nabeshin ... until a comforting laugh reigned throughout the room where they were. Nabeshin's forehead gradually furrowed.

"What's funny with what I said?" This disgusting question up front.

"There's nothing platonic because of your reason, Nine."

Nabeshin was silent, once again focusing on their game while Shan was staring freely at the young man's face. As time went on she became more and more addicted for admiring him. The truth is that her Daddy is sending her home to America so Clarence has been calling her lately, she is her Daddy's personal assistant. She was the only one who was stubborn, she didn't want to leave because she actually had a reason to stay in Japan.

She slowly focused her eyes on Nabeshin's lips.

"Do you really want to beat me, Nine?" Later she said, the guy immediately stared at her.

"Of course," he simply replied.

"I'll only lose when you kiss me ..." she whispered.

He could clearly meet Nabeshin's eyebrow, "You're insane, Five."

"Yes I'm really madly deeply inlove at you," she admitted.

The game will be over with just one turn. Nabeshin clenched his fists, surely defeating him.

"It's not hard what I'm asking you to do, why can't you do it. Are you gay?" Shan's encouragement to the young man.

She saw Nabeshin's cold stare at her. She felt those moments of horror.

Strange creeps.

Until Shan no longer realizes that she made a wrong moved, causing Nabeshin to finally beat her.

"Checkmate ..." the young man declared.

Pleasure was in Nabeshin's eyes. Shan just stared at it. She was completely hypnotized by the guy.

Her lips parted as she slowly turned her eyes to him.

"Regards to that. I will make up to you the kiss that you always wanted ..."

Later, Shan just felt Nabeshin's lips completely cover her lips. Her whole world was almost shaking because of what she had experienced at those times, especially when she didn't expect the kiss it made her to go even deeper. She almost held her breath ... until Nabeshin finally stopped kissing Shan.

Shan was still shocked when Nabeshin kissed them when he heard Nabeshin's voice again.

"Maybe you won't say I'm a gay anymore." The young man said before finally entering his own room.

Shan was left sitting and dumbfounded at the scene, she slowly ran her finger over her lips still trembling at those moments. It was her first kiss and she will never forget it. A triumphant smile appeared on Shan's lips.

"Then it's okay if I always tell you gay, Nine ..." she whispered in absence.

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