08. M Y F A I R L A D Y

"ARE you alright Nabeshin?" Shan asked as she touched the young man's shoulder causing him to shrink suddenly.

Shan could clearly see the masculinity and tears forming in both of Nabeshin's eyes as he stared at her, je didn't seem to be in himself those moments.

"Nine ?!" Shan is worried again he called the young man's code name. He immediately touched and caressed Nabeshin's cheek with her palm. Suddenly he blinked, it seemed that's the only place he met her. Nabeshin gently grabbed her hand with a quick pull then hugged her tightly.

"Five ... Five ..." Nabeshin repeated to her as she sank into her shoulder, Shan felt the heavy emotion engulfing him. 

Even though he was crying, as time went on it became more difficult. If possible she did not want to be weak for him. She had to be steadfast in the face of it. 

"That's enough, Nabeshin, I-I'm just here. I'll be with you, I won't leave you," Shan promised the young man.

Later, Shan was startled when she saw that he suddenly knelt down with both of his hands to his head.

"Aahhh !!!" Its ejaculation is strong.

"Nabeshin!"Nervously said Shan immediately attended to the young man. She immediately called some of the staff who were on stage but before they could get close Nabeshin suddenly lay on the floor, unconscious.

Panic though she could not be confused, Nabeshin needed her.

The staff quickly lifted Nabeshin out of the area, Shan was about to follow Nabeshin when she felt strange around, it seemed like someone was looking at her. She made a quick turn, she saw Toji standing from behind her. Sadness was in his eyes.

"T-Twelve?" shocked Shan said.

"Shan ..." Toji sadly mentioned her name.

"W-why are you here, i-isn't y-you're ..." Shan stuttered, but before she could finish what she was going to say, the young man answered immediately.

"I just want to see how successful ZNT is and to congratulate Nine as well."

Smiling at this confession.

Shan could clearly see Toji's beautiful smile, a smile as hot as the sun.

The girl smiled bitterly and then turned away from Toji.

She didn't bother to look at the young man, he couldn't hide the remorse he felt every time she saw him ...


TOJI and Von were riding on the young man's motorbike, the road was very narrow. Even with many vehicles, it will be able to run faster and pass the obstructing vehicles ahead. Aside from having Synesthesia it is also good at memorization so all the streets in Tokyo are almost memorized by him. It slowly stopped the motor but Toji continued to squeeze the clutch while staring at the traffic lights in front of them. The color of its light was red, Toji's lips began to curve with a smirk.

"Lisa, just hold on to me tight!" Toji strongly instructed the companion. Von immediately followed that, as if he already knew what would happen next.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ... 10.

At the same time the traffic color changes to green light.

Toji's motor started fast to pass the other vehicles. The young man's loud laughter could be heard even though he was wearing a helmet, even Von couldn't stop herself from laughing. As long as she was with the young man she felt was in another world and completely free.

Soon they heard the police siren quickly following them so Toji slammed the driven motor even harder. It quickly pushed the motor into a crowded alley so that the pursuers' vehicles could not catch up, but after they passed where they were, there were others who followed. Toji became more and more annoyed, the young man flew their car as it passed the high stairs out of the highway where there were construction workers working below it. They just fascinated watched them pass the motor over their heads.

Carefully and calculatedly apply the motor wheels to the floor when they fall. Toji gripped the brakes tightly as he stared at the cops left at the top of the stairs. Later, the young man pulled over their bike again, leaving the workers and policemen with disbelief in their eyes in shock and same amazement.

As they crossed the stretch of the expressway, they came across a sea view. Toji and Von were so quiet at that moment she were still hugging the young man's waist, they both felt the inexplicable tension but no one wanted to break the silence.

Although Toji was feeling very happy, there was a lot of amazement and confusion in his eyes, as he watched the rising white wings all around them ...


VON stared out at the ferris wheel they were riding on where Tokyo's towering buildings were clearly visible, entertaining to watch the twinkling lights coming from them as well as the vehicles from below. It was seven o'clock in the evening, the darkness was all around, no moon or stars could be seen in the dark sky.

"Did you enjoy Lisa?" Toji suddenly asked so she looked at him and saw her staring at him too.

"Of course Twelve, thank you very much." Full of pleasure she answered.

For a few seconds, their eyes met until later, Von just felt Toji's hand in his palm. Suddenly she felt what seemed to be tender electricity creeping through her whole body. She quickly averted her eyes. She looked out the window. Von later releases what has been bothering him for a long time since they first met Toji. There was a long silence before the young man could answer.

"Nine and I grew up without recognized parents. We also didn't have any other friends, b-but it has suddenly changed ... since you came." Toji's long narrative had sadness in his voice but there was a streak of hope and inexplicable emotion when he mentioned the last word. 

Von quickly looked at Toji. She could clearly see how it would stare at her with full flattery. She seemed to have a tight throat at those moments. Toji stared into his eyes, he seemed to dissolve in the way he looked at her.

"Von, since you came everything has changed," Toji admitted.Von was delighted of what she heard, a strange feeling that arose in her chest at that moment, only now she felt that in her whole life.

"You have given my life color." The young man continued. "Before, I didn't believe in God. But when I met you, little by little, everything changed. Thank you Von... you built me. "

She was even more speechless.

"I love you, Von ..." Toji said slowly.

Von looked up at the dark sky, the full moon had already appeared. She did not notice that tears slowly streamed down her cheeks. He just felt Toji's gentle caress on her cheek. She just close her eyes while savoring the over flowing emotions. Even though Toji felt the same way, they were gradually enveloped by a strange force. That night everything changed for the two of them.

They begin to make a promise to each other that they will carry to the end ...


They were slowly climbing up the building where they lived while holding each hand when Von felt Toji's grip on her tighten. Less than a second later, he pulled her and hugged her.

"Lisa, about what happened earlier and the place we went to, I hope you don't tell Nine first. W-wait for me to tell myself," Toji instructed before gently kissing the girl's forehead.

"Yes, Twelve, you can count on me ..." she replied. Toji just smiled.

Soon she was gradually released and then stepped up again. It walked ahead and she no longer waited. Hard as it may be they have to do that because they are someone to be hurt when it happens.


Toji was about to insert the key into the door lock when it suddenly opened and threw Nabeshin who was staring at him with its cold eyes. He did not speak until Von appeared from behind him.

"W-why aren't you sleeping yet, Nine? It's eleven o'clock at night," Toji said, he was smiling but the tension could be seen in his eyes.

"Looks like Von probably spent the night shopping outside." Finally his friend said.

"Lisa and I just passed by so we spent the night," he replied.

Nabeshin just stared at him in response, he met it with courage. Soon he was also the first to evade.

"All right and I'll rest, Nine, even Von. I hope you too, don't get tired," he told his friend.

Von showed Nabeshin a frugal smile but the latter immediately averted his eyes and then stepped away.

When Nabeshin entered his room, Toji only turned around. He stared at the closed door. In his eyes, the mixture of guilt and sadness hidden in his chest could be seen. He did not know how long he would continue to keep secrets from his friend. His important but ... what about Von?

He knew his friend liked her too, he also knew everything it had been doing for the past few months. He was constantly worried about his friend's condition. He did not know how far it could go. He is afraid of what will happen when he is completely overcome by his illness. He was very concerned and sorry for Nabeshin.

If only he had the ability to erase all , even if his life the replacement it would be okay for him just to see him happy.

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