11. V O N

"I wish all will disappear ..."

He continued to crawl on the cold floor in pain, his mouth tinged with blood. It felt like every bone in his body was broken, his breathing labored. His eyes widened as he saw three silhouettes before him. He turned to look at the source and managed to lie on his back slowly.

What he saw made his blood run cold.

“Please…” he whispered. “Leave me alone…”

Their faces split into sneers until they broke into spine-tingling laughter, it echoed all throughout the room they were in.

“Leave you alone?” said a voice. “Did you ever felt remorse when you killed us? No, you didn’t. We’re here to return the favor. We will make you suffer… and you will know our pain!”

In an instant, everything went dark. He reached up to his face and he cried out in fear when he realized that his eyes are missing. He felt his warm blood flowing freely from the sockets.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” said a girl’s voice laced with venom. “Frighteningly dark, driving you insane?”

“Please, stop! Forgive me!” he cried out.

“I’m sorry!”

A long deafening silence settled in the room. He swallowed thickly and began to crawl away again as fast as his broken body could… and then he gasped as he felt something cold stabbed his back, piercing him all the way to his heart. His strength leaving him, he laid his head on the cold floor, slowly, painfully.

"Do you now feel the pain that we went through when you took our lives from us...?" said another voice—a man. He knew the spectre was looking for a at him with its dead eyes, he could feel its warm breath on his face.

He could feel the end drawing near… and as he breathes his last, his mind wanders, taking him back to the past before his decapitated head rolled to the pool of his own blood...

SUDDENLY he awoke from his slumber when he felt Shan gently shake his shoulder. Unbeknownst to him he fell asleep from sitting in the car. Nabeshin rubbed his eyes softly. He suddenly remembered the dream, for the past ten years that was always what he had dreamed of.

"Are we not yet there, Five?" he asked her companion.

"Almost Nine, actually we're still far away. We were hit by a car."

Nabeshin fell into deep thought, also for a few minutes with his attention outside, watching the flying birds some of which landed on the branches of the tree from not far away.

"Looks like we need to take the train, Five."

Nabeshin later spoke. Shan immediately nodded.

They got out of the car and walked to the train station, a thin smile on Shan's lips.

"This train is operating again, Nabeshin," Shan said as he looked at the red train from a distance, the place where they first met the young man.

Nabeshin winced when he saw too many people lined up to board.

To this day he is still not accustomed to many people.

"Oh why, it's because rush hour Nine so there are so many people." Shan said with a smile. Let's go so we can get there early and go home later.

Nabeshin watched Shan closely. He stared at her beautiful face, at the smiles he saw every day. Suddenly the young man's heartbeat quickened, he did not realize that he was holding the girl's palm tightly. Confused, the girl just let her friend do that, Shan's heart was filled with happiness. The above seems to have heard its long prayer that Nabeshin would notice her somehow. Shan felt a cloud as they walked closer to the train station.

Nabeshin couldn't take his eyes off the girl and so could Shan, holding hands while waiting for the train to arrive.

"Thank you for all, Five." Later the young man confessed.

"Thank you also Nine," the girl replied.

"If it weren't for you I wouldn't have been in the world for a long time. I'm grateful because I met you and ..." A tear fell from Shan's eyes. "... And I'm thankful that you're the one I love, Nabeshin."

"I love you too Shan ..." Nabeshin whispered in his mind. He didn't say that anymore because he didn't want to hurt her even more when he was completely gone soon.

He did not know how many years or months he would last on earth. It hurts, but he will just put up with it all. He will only check the remaining moments when he can still be with Shan.

Nabeshin immediately let go of Shan's palm when he felt his cellphone vibrate in the pocket of his slacks. Simultaneously with Nabeshin answering the call was the proliferation and gathering of people around him. The oncoming train was heard from not far away, causing it to become even more crowded and almost push everyone who was waiting.

"Nabeshin!" Shan's loud shout grabbed his attention, apprehension in his voice.

The young man immediately looked for the woman in the middle of the crowd and he found her lying on the floor, breaking one of the heels of her shoes, that was probably the reason why she was on the floor. Nabeshin quickly pulled the people in front of him, while Shan continued to crawl until it could stand up with the help of the railing.

Nabeshin and I were only a few feet apart when their fellow commuters suddenly hit him, causing Shan to lose his balance fell off at the same time as the speeding red train arrived.

"Nine ..." Nabeshin's name was the last thing on Shan's lips before he could finally drag the train.

There was a commotion at the train station, someone shouted, ran in all directions, very noisy, very chaotic while Nabeshin seemed to be a candle that goes out every time it passes. Without hesitation he picked up the shoulder bag that Shan was carrying and brought it closer to his body. He could understand nothing, as if heaven and earth were shattering. Until he found his voice again. He called Shan's name loudly and then Nabeshin started to cry while hugging Shan's shoulder bag.

Shan's gone it was the only woman to understand him.

She lost the only woman he hasn’t left in recent years.

The only woman who loved him even though he didn’t deserve to be loved.

His life was useless now. In those moments he just wanted to die!


TWELVE months later ...

Footsteps coming from the stairs could be heard from the room where Shan and Von were, they were in the hideout of those times. A few moments later, Nabeshin, the owner of the footprints, arrived in a hurry-holding an envelope in his left palm containing their ZNT Project.

"Success! Next year ZNT can be released on TV!"

The young man's happy announcement.

"Wow! Congrats, Nine!" Shan said excitedly.

To Nabeshin's great joy, he hugged the girl, while Shan was thrilled. The young man looked at Von who was just watching the two of them, although smiling it would reflect the sadness in the girl's eyes.

He released Shan then approached another girl.

"Thank you very much Von, everyone, if it weren't for you ZNT wouldn't have ended."

Von returned only a smile, he slowly walked closer to the window which overlooked the back of their hideout.

"Don't make me thank Nabeshin. She said softly while still looking outside. All you should thank is Twelve.".

Suddenly the smile faded from Nabeshin's lips, he once again felt the strange emotion that enveloped him every time he talked to Twelve.

"Ah ... Yes Von, I-I'm also very grateful to Toji," he said.

Von slowly faced Nabeshin then he walked out of the room. The young man's gaze just followed the girl. Before she could finally get out it stopped stepping.

"I'm just going somewhere, Nine," Von said goodbye to her.

"Where are you going, Lisa?" Nabeshin's heart was suddenly pounded by intense nervousness.

"I'll go to Mama, then I'll just do something at school."

Nabeshin immediately breathed a sigh of relief at what he heard, a few more conversations and he finally left.

Soon Nabeshin came to the window and looked into the distance. Whatever he did he would never lose sight of Von, he repeatedly heard the last words she uttered. After a while, he took the cellphone out of his pocket, from its GPS tracker he periodically checked Von's every move. A few hours passed but the little dot on his cellphone did not move.

According to the locator, Von was just at school and never left there. He felt an inexplicable nervousness so he quickly took the key from the hanger, he didn't even bother to change clothes.

"Where are you going, Nine ?!" Shan asked in surprise as he passed it in the hallway.

"I'm going to Von's school, Shan," he replied without bothering to stop, he almost ran down the stairs.

Nabeshin was already starting the motor when he heard Shan's footsteps approaching.

"Wait Nine, I'm coming!" she says.

Shan didn't let the young man answer, he immediately got on the motor.

They were on their way when Nabeshin and Shan felt the snow falling.

VON stood SILENTLY on the rooftop, unable to determine how long he had been there. Long after summer is over, the gradually darkening atmosphere is an indication that winter is approaching, any day the snow will fall.

She looked up at the sky and smiled, feeling the chill of the frigid air. He slowly stepped closer to the steel fence of the rooftop then stretched there. She could hear the screams below but she ignored them, the only thing that dominated her those moments was Toji's voice.

"Your promise Von, keep it ..."

She smiled there because even though it was so hard for her and she seemed to be alive and dead in recent months she kept his promise to Toji...

Eyes widened as he plunged down. A thin smile tore from her lips when she saw Toji waiting below. He also has a streak of smile on the lips, a sweet smile.

The smile is as warm and as bright as the sun. She could feel the snow begin to fall from the sky, he could feel the biting cold of it on her body.

Von's body finally fell to the ground.

The students who saw what happened shouted and cried. Some were stunned. And in the midst of the commotion a shout prevailed.

"Von!"Nabeshin trailed off.

He should have approached her but Shan stopped him immediately.

They will never forget that day, the first day of the snowfall.

Day when Von finally ended his life by jumping on the rooftop of their school.

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