Chapter 59: A Brand New Life.

Alyia's Point of View. 

Months later... 

"Hurry up, Lyra. We might be late!" Cosmos' voice yelled from downstairs while I'm in the middle of putting on my makeup. 

"Wait a second!" I yelled back at him. 

"You already know that the visiting hours for him are limited, baby. Let's hurry up." He said when he got in our room. 

"Okay okay. I'm done." I said and stared at my reflection on the mirror one more time. 

Months after Flame took me out, we found out about all of the things he did. Including surrendering to the police. I already know now. Everything sinks in my mind now. 

"Are you really done?" Cosmos asked me and I saw him raise a brow at me. 

"Can I have a little help with this?" I asked and pointed at myself whom can't stand up because of my tummy who is making it hard for me to stand up. 

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