Chapter 4: Annoying Guy.

Alyia's POV.

I woke up because of the sunrays hitting my face. 

I stood up and felt my head is aching so bad. 

I massaged the side of my head and wore my slippers. I went inside the bathroom and took a long bath. 

I brushed my teeth and went out from my bathroom.

“Alyia, darling are you up already?”, it was Mommy Iya's voice while knocking. 

“Yes, Mommy. I'll just go get changed!”, I responded.

“Okay. Take your time. Just go down stairs if you're ready.”, she said before I heard footsteps leaving. 

I sighed and starts to look for clothes. I walked in my walk in closet and grabbed a white slit sleeve top paired with a black pencil skirt and a pair of black d'orsay flats.

I applied a very light makeup and when I was contented by how I look, I quickly walked downstairs. 

“Good Morning, darling. I bought you pasta for breakfast. The interview will only be held here in your condo since the media is so eager to hear your side, I concluded that the best place to held an interview is here. Is it fine with you?”

I just nodded and smiled sweetly before eating the pasta. 

* * * 

“So, what are your jobs before you applied here?”

I stared at the man in front me that is almost drooling. 

I smiled awkwardly at him. 

“Next!”, I heard Mommy Iya's voice shouted. 

“Mommy, seriously? Where did you get those freaks?”

Mommy Iya just shrugged before welcoming the next guy. 

“Lukas Kramer, right?”, I asked. 

He nodded that made me let out a sigh. 

For the first time, someone answered her normally. 

“What do you do for a living?”, I asked again.

My attention was on his papers that he passed.

“I’m working as an engineer in your company, ma'am.”, he answered that got my attention. 

I turned my sight on him and raised a brow. 

“So, why did you apply here if you have a stable job? And you don't have a experience at this job too.”, I asked him while still raising my brow. 

“Yes, I don't have any experience at this job but I can surely protect you, ma'am.”, he said and winked. 

I cringed for a while before shouting,


“That was all of the applicants, Ma'am.”, it was Mira's apologetic voice. 

“Seriously? That was the people that you got to be with me everywhere? None if them were normal!”, I exclaimed. 

“All of them were just staring at me, wink, smile and drool. Do you think I want to be with those people? Geez!”, I was about to go upstairs when I saw a man came in my unit. 

“Who are you?!”, I asked with my irritated voice. 

“Cosmos Alexandrus at your service, ma'am.”, he replied while handing me a folder. 

“What are you doing here?”, I asked and raised a brow. 

“I’m one of your applicant, ma'am. Sorry I'm late.”, he said while smiling.

“You’re sorry but then you're smiling? Annoying.”, I murmured and rolled my eyes. 

“What should I do when saying sorry, ma'am? Should I kneel in front of you? Cry? Frown?”, he said. 

He's annoying, really. 

“Send him out, please. I want to rest my mind.”, I said and starts to take steps upstairs. 

“Am I accepted?”, I heard the guy said with excitement in his voice. 



“Just because.”


“You’re annoying.”

“How did you find me annoying?”

“By doing that! Argh! Just go! You're not accepted!”, I faced him and said those words. 

“Darling, he's fit for the job. I don't see any reason for him to not be accepted?”, Mommy Iya's voice interrupted. 

“I just don't like him. That's my reason.”, I said and turned my gaze to Mommy Iya. 

“So, you want to be with those freaks that winks, smirks and drools in front of you? He's absolutely normal.”, she said with a convincing voice. 

“And we badly need a bodyguard for you, Darling. Once your issue cools down, you can look for a new if you still don't like him.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. 

“Okay okay. Hey, Cosmos!”, I shouted at him. 

“You'll start your job tomorrow. Be here 7 pm sharp. Don't be late. I hate late comers.”, I said to him and received the folder that holds his files. 


So, now I can finally rest. 

* * * 

“Get me bacon and egg for breakfast. Oh! And a Frappuccino!”, I commanded at him.

“Right away!”, he exclaimed and opened the door quickly. 

“Do it fast! I'm hungry!”, I shouted. 

A Sunday morning. I cleared my schedule for today 'cause I badly need rest after what happened in my life previously. 

I was just watching Netflix when Cosmos walked in. 

“That was fast, huh?”, I stood up and got my breakfast from his hands. 

“What else, ma'am?”

“Let me eat. Peacefully.”, I said and smiled at him.

I was in the middle of eating when he suddenly asked,

“Ma’am, are you okay?”

My brows furrowed. 

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

“I just asked. Your eyes are different from what comes out from your mouth.”

“You’re weird.”, I murmured before continued to eat my breakfast. 

“I’m weird but at least, I don't pretend to be okay when I'm clearly not.”

That made me shut my mouth. 

Who in earth is this man and how did he got the courage to talk to me like that? I'm the great Alyia Lyra Vega! Geez!

I finished my meal immediately and gave it to him. 

“What will I do with this?”, he asked. 

“Oh? I don’t know. I think, you'll love to eat those?”, I answered him sarcastically and raised a brow.

“Really? Is this edible?”, he asked with amusement in his voice. 

“Stupid! What do you do with a trash? Throw it away! Geez!”, I said. 

This guy is really weird and at the same time, annoying.

I was about to walk away from him when suddenly, his stomach rang for hunger. 

My brows furrowed. 

“Did you eat your breakfast?”

He shook his head and smiled awkwardly. 

I sighed in disbelief and went to my fridge. 

I got a box of pizza, raw beef, raw meat and so many fresh milk. I got the pizza from the fridge and handed it to him. 

“Here. That's what I've got in the fridge so please do remind me tomorrow or to the upcoming days to stop by a grocery store.”, I said and started to walk towards the living room. 

I sat at the sofa but before turning on the television, I turned my gaze at him just to find out that he's staring at me. 

“What? You want me to spoon-feed you?”, I asked and raised a brow. 

He shook his head.

“Thank you.”

I turned my back on him when I felt I was already blushing. 

Now I'm starting to be weird too.

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