Chapter 2

I feel like any minute now, someone is about to cover my mouth to prevent me from screaming, take me into a car and drive off to the town's dark side.

I know, I'm exaggerating and what I'm saying can't possibly be real.

I hope.

I stopped walking, well, fast-walking and decided to turn around. Even though I know it was the dumbest thing to do.

I turn around and I see a little kid. A girl, to be exact.

"Were you following me?" I ask her.

"Yeah," She nods her head slowly.

"I believe you're the one who's taking me home tonight." She gives me a small smile.

Oh honey, even I don't know my way back.

"What are you doing out here at this time at night?"

I could ask myself the same thing.

"I was at the playground,”

Okay, as if that's not creepy at all.

"What street?" I ask, telling myself to just get it over with.

"Clifford Street" She answers.

"House number?"


"Oh okay, let's try to find your way back." I say and I grab her hand, low-key hoping she does not pick her nose with that hand.

Kids are kids, sue me.

"My name's Ally, short for Allison, by the way." She says.

"I'm Melannie"

We're on exchanging names basis now, I guess.

I looked around and found a pole that says: 'Clifford Street'.

I go down the street and looked at the numbers on each house.


Oh, and look, there's my house right there across the street.

"Here we are," I say to her and she looks worried.

"What is it?" I ask her.

“Momma's probably pissed right now."

"You sneaked out?" I ask and she nods her head.

"Yeah, I did."

Wow, that's new.

"You know what? My house is right there." I say to her, pointing at our new house.

"You can come by anytime, and we can go to the playground together," I add and she delightfully nods her head.

If she's going to be my neighbor, the least I can do is accompany her.

I need all the friends I can get. Desperate, I know.

I ring the doorbell, and the door opens in less than five seconds.

I was expecting a woman but a guy opened the door instead.

Let me rephrase that.

A shirtless guy who seems to be about my age appeared in front of me.

I assume he's Ally's brother seeing how they're comfortable with each other.

"Where have you been?" He asks Ally as he carries her up onto his arms.

"I was at the playground," She says and her brother frowns.

He noticed me standing there.

“You know her?" He asks Ally.

“Yes, she walked me back here,”

"Oh, ok." He simply says.

"Thanks for taking me home, Melannie." Ally smiles and her brother closes the door.

I turn around to leave but stopped to hear their conversation. I know that's rude, but what will the guy say to the kid? 'Hey, I have two packs of rubber in my wallet, want one?'

I laughed at my own joke.

"Her name's Melannie?" Her brother asks.

"Yeah" She answers.

"She's pretty, isn't she?" She asks.

"Nah, she's ok." He answers and I automatically scowl.

Excuse you, shirtless dude.

His abs though.

He just indirectly insulted you and you're thinking about his abs?

The next day, I finished shopping what I need for my room and went to get lunch after I arranged them all in the car. The bigger stuff will be delivered in the afternoon.

I decided to also buy a few clothes since I'll be going to school the day after tomorrow.

I hope I make new friends or just find someone to sit with me at lunch every now and then.

So far I only have one.

And she's 7. We don't even go to the same school.

As I approach the cashier area, being the clumsy gal that I am, I, of course, have to trip on my own foot and bump into the girl who just paid, causing her to stumble and drop her stuff.

Of course, the only thing I could do right now is apologize.

And help her pick up the things she dropped. Which is basically all of her belongings.


"It's fine, it's fine..." She reassures me.

"No, it's not, I can seriously tell that you want to slap the crap out of me right now," I frown while I pick up the rest of her stuff.

I hand back her bag then she looks at me.

Like, really looks at me for more than five seconds.

"I haven't seen you around, are you new?" She asks.

"Yeah, I um, my mom and I just moved here," I answer.

"Then, that means you're in need of a friend." She smiles.

"Yeah, you could say that," I say nervously.

"I'm Chloe." She says then holds out her hand.

"Melannie," I shake her hand.

"I'm a senior at the town's high school, how about you?" She asks me.

"Um, also senior," I answer, the anxiety starting to lessen.

"That's great! You can sit with me and Ollie at lunch." She smiles and I nod.

With furrowed brows, she asks,

"I'm not making you uncomfortable aren't I?"

"No, no, I'm just really nervous about school, you know, being new and all" I answer.

"Oh, you'll do great; I'll be your guardian angel through your whole stay here." She says giving me a reassuring smile.

She really did look like an angel. She had blonde hair, green eyes, and bow-shaped lips, as for me, I have light brown hair, blue eyes, and full lips.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable, I actually felt relaxed and comfortable with her; it's just probably because of the thought of coming to school next week freaks me out.

"It's fine though, if you don't want me to sit with you and your boyfriend," I say to her and her friendly face turns serious.


"Yeah, you mentioned an 'Ollie' earlier-" I start to say but was cut off by her laugh.

"Oh honey, he's gay." She says when she recovers and now it's my turn to laugh.

"I'm so stupid," I say to her, still laughing.

"Well, anyway, I have to go, see you on Monday!" She enthusiastically says then leaves.

Now, it's my turn to pay.

As I pull in the driveway, I saw a dog.

Peeing on our front yard.

I looked around for the owner, but there was no one in sight.

I know that our front yard is our property now, along with the house, and that it is my responsibility, but I'm tired and my legs hurt and about to have an emotional breakdown anytime soon and the last thing I want to do is deal with a lost dog peeing on our front yard.

Ignoring the dog, I grabbed all of my belongings from the car and entered the house. I put them all down in the living room—that now has furniture by the way— and lay on the couch.

I looked around and I noticed that my mom is nowhere to be seen. I stood up, went to the kitchen and looked around for a sticky note and noticed one stuck to the counter.

   Went outside to talk with some of our neighbors, be back soon. There's food in the refrigerator if you're hungry :>


Well, I hope she doesn't meet Ally's rude brother.

You know, the one with the six-packs.

Shut up.

Oh shit.

I forgot to take my lunch leftovers out of the car.

I quickly walked outside, to the car, and grabbed the food on the passenger seat.

I close the car door, and my eyes dart to Ally's house.

And I see my mom.

Talking to Ally's brother. 

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