Chapter 4

It's my second day here at the town's high-school.

I didn't like it. But I also didn't hate it.

People still stared at me, but not like yesterday.

They probably memorized all my features by now. 

I attended my classes in the morning, and then had lunch with Chloe.

I got to meet Ollie and I enjoyed talking to him, to be honest.

His hair was dyed platinum blonde and was styled like Stefan Salvatore's hero-hair, he had hazel eyes and thin lips.

He had a good sense of humor, and we share the same opinion about things.

We also both happen to get attracted to guys.

He was proudly gay at heart.

I genuinely admire him for that, not all people understand and accept homosexuality. Others are just being themselves and who they want to be.

If some guys would want to wear make-up and skimpy shorts, let them.

For some weird reason, I enjoyed English today. Our teacher told us to write an essay about society, how it affects everyone.

I simply stated that society today, is toxic and hypocritical. People always go with the trends and stick to the same things. They post inspiring quotes on how to maintain a positive and healthy life when they are also the ones who spread negativity.

I know I am not one to talk. We all have our flaws, but some are trying their best to fix theirs. Society was not always of help. We drag each other down.

It's also one of the many things that keep on causing my anxiety attacks and why I enjoy overthinking a lot.

See the sarcasm right there? Good.

It's devastating to see people like this. It is just not right to see them fighting for their own rights and opinions when they could all just be at peace and respect each other as a person.

Chloe and Ollie both read my essay and they cussed me for sounding so political, and I just laughed. But they both admitted that it was true and society should change for the best.

This part of the day, I did not like the most.

After lunch, my next class was Physics.

I got a warning yesterday because I did not bring a calculator.

And now I will be in detention after classes because I also forgot to bring one today.

We barely even used calculators today.

Screw Mr. Walke and his dorky eyeglasses.

I went to my last afternoon class and called my mom afterward.

She didn't reply so I just sent her a message.

Got in detention, please pick me up on your way home.

Don't get mad, I'll explain everything later. Love you.

After my last class for the day, I half-heartedly walked to detention.

Believe it or not, this is my first time getting in detention. Is it just me or the teachers here don't like me?

I would pass by them in the halls sometimes, I give them a small smile and even greet them, and they barely acknowledge my presence.

It was at the very end of the corridor and the room used to be a Biology classroom, now it's just empty and only used for detentions.

Such a miserable place. Perfect for me.

I get inside and there were four people there.

A teacher, and four students, including me.

I assume we were all complete. I was the last one to come in, but I wasn't late. The last thing I need is a second detention.

The teacher seemed nice. For once.

Her name was Ms. Parker; she said all we have to do was sit down, stay quiet, and basically not to blow the place up.

"You are all in detention for a reason, reflect on your actions. After an hour, you will all be dismissed." She finished.

My seat was at the classroom's right side and at the very back.

A few seats away from me was a girl, she had dirty blonde hair and was scribbling some notes on her notebook.

A wave of friendliness rushed through me, that when she felt my stare and turns to look at me, I waved.

It didn't turn out bad, she smiled and waved back.

At the front seats were two guys.

The other one had black hair and sitting beside him was Ally's brother.

Is this dude stalking me or what?

Got a bit conceited there, Mel.

I observed my surroundings; the board was a chalkboard, unlike the other classrooms that have whiteboards.

Ms. Parker left the door wide open.

As if on cue, the door slammed shut.

What is happening?

The guys were freaking out, as well as the girl I waved at earlier.

I approached the girl, and asked her what was happening.

"The door should remain open." She starts to say. Confusion covered my face.

"This classroom is not being used for classes for a reason. If the door closes, those inside are trapped."

Now I'm freaking out.

I saw the guys try to open the door, but it won't budge. They kicked it, tried to even destroy the knob, but it's like the door was unbreakable.

Ally's brother turned to us.

"Check your phones, text someone for help." He says and we nod.

I turn my phone on and tried to send a message to my mom, Ollie, and Chloe.

There is no signal.

"My phone's dead." The girl said.

"Mine is in my locker." The black-haired guy said.

"There is no signal. It's not worth trying." I frown.

A short while passed, and I am already trying my best not to cry.

I learned that the girl's name was Angela.

We are still trapped, the least we could do is exchange names.

The door still remained locked, the guys ran out of energy trying to budge it open.

"The last time that door was locked, it was still being used as a classroom. It took them hours to get out." Angela told me.

"How did they get out?" I ask her, feeling more nauseous with every second that passes.

"They searched for the keys. There are so many rooms in this school, god knows what key is it."

Well, shit.

Out of the many rooms that they made us stay in for detention, why pick the room with a cursed door?

"Don't worry, after an hour Ms. Parker will come back, everything will be fine." She reassures me.

I sure hope so.

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