Chapter 7

The weekend passed and before I knew it, it's the weekdays.

Nothing was new, classes were the same.

During lunch, all that Chloe and Ollie talked about was the bonfire.

"More girls lose their virginities during bonfires than prom," Ollie says with a sly grin.

"Speaking of, since when are you planning to lose yours?" Chloe asks him.

"I can ask you the same question, honey."

"Can't say we have the same answer."

"Still swooning over the same guy, I see," Ollie says teasingly.

"I'm actually planning on asking him to the bonfire." Chloe smiles, blushing.

"Oh really? Who's the guy?" I ask her.

"Ace Martins," She answers, smiling.

Of course she likes Ace. The dude's practically perfect.

Oh god, I remembered his abs.

"This bitch's been crushing on him since middle school. I was always there for both mental and emotional support. You're welcome." He says sarcastically. Chloe rolls her eyes at him.

I couldn't help but giggle at their small bickering.

"Any luck with him?" I ask.

"I wouldn't really say 'no luck' we would pass by each other in the hallways and he would sometimes smile at me."

"You are seriously getting the wrong idea, Chloe," Ollie tells her matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, whatever." She rolls her eyes once again.

"The dude is known for having any girl he wants in this school, he even dated a chick who's in college. Where the hell are you getting your confidence? Plus, last I checked, dating him doesn't end well." He says with a concerned tone.

"Well, how about that football player you've been cyber stalking around since the last school game? Made your move yet?" Chloe asks, nudging him with her elbow. It's Ollie's turn to roll his eyes.

If her plan was to change the topic, she's succeeding.

"I am not planning on giving bj's inside a tent."

"Why? It's kind of thrilling if you ask me."

"The last thing I want is to get choked," Ollie tells her with sass, and Chloe and I burst in laughter. 

We finished the rest of our lunch and brought back the trays on the counter on the side of the cafeteria.

"Chloe look, there's Ace," Ollie says, pointing at the other side of the cafeteria.

"Should I ask him?" Chloe turns to ask us.

"Well, now's your chance," I tell her.

She gives us a small smile and walks right up to him.

"Should we listen?" I ask Ollie.

"We shouldn't." He says while we both walk to sit at the nearest table of hearing distance.

"I was wondering if you want to come with me to the bonfire?"

"Oh, well that's sudden, I'm just planning to go with my friends. Sorry."

"No, it's fine, I just wanted to try and ask," Chloe says, edginess in her voice.

"You should just go with your friends too." He tells her and I hear him walk away.

So much for trying not to eavesdrop.

"At least he gave you a pat on the shoulder," Ollie shrugs, Chloe gave him a death stare and he raised both his hands and mouthed 'sorry'.

"He is right though, just come with us," I say and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Yeah, maybe I should."

The bell rang and we all start to head back to our classes.

"I'll call you guys later!" Ollie says before leaving.

I got back home and just stayed inside my room. I was scrolling through social media when my phone rang.

Ollie and Chloe.

"Okay, so who's gonna bring the tent?" Ollie asks.

None of us responded.

"Fine, I'll bring it then," Ollie says and Chloe and I chuckled.

"I'll bring the snacks," Chloe volunteered.

"Um, no honey, you're just gonna bring diet snacks, which none of us want. You will bring pillows and blankets."


"Alright, I'll bring the snacks," I say and they both agreed.

We all talked for a while, eventually, I ended the call since mom called me down for dinner.

After a few more days, the day of the bonfire has arrived.

"Let's meet up at Mel's house," Chloe says.

"What? Why my house?" I ask them, surprised.

"Because we have never been there, and the bonfire is a good excuse to tour around your house. Your mom won't mind, she'll love me." Ollie says jokingly and Chloe scoffs.

"Okay, I'll let her know," I tell them and texted my mom about it.

"The school ends at 4, both of you should be there by 5, okay?" I say.

"Yes, ma'am," Ollie jokes.

The bell rang signaling the end of lunch and we all head back to our classes.

I was getting ready when Chloe called.

"Hey Mel, we might be late, we're having car trouble." She tells me.

"Oh, that's fine, I'll just wait. Do you guys need help?" I ask her.

"No, it's okay, we already called someone to fix it."

"Alright then, you have my address, I'll be waiting," I say and she ends the call.

On the bright side, I have more time to prepare.

I took my time taking a shower, whitened my teeth, and shaved my legs to make me feel better about myself.

A little bit of confidence wouldn't hurt.

I get out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around me.

I checked the time and it was nearly 5:30.

I walked to my closet and I tripped over a stupid hanger on the floor. It made me realize how cluttered my room is.

I had time, so I quickly made my bed, put all the dirty clothes in the hamper, organized my nightstand, picked up the trashes and threw them in the trash bin outside my room..

Once my room looked decent, I start to pick out my clothes.

I was deciding on my options when I hear a click on my window.

Someone's climbing up my bedroom window.

I cuss under my breath and I grabbed the coat stand next to my closet and held it up in front of me.

And he's going inside!

What the fuck?

A smart person would have obviously gone out of the room by now, but no, stupid Mel has to freeze in place with only a towel wrapped around her.

I couldn't see the person's face, not until he stood up perfectly, completely stepping on my carpet.

You're going back down the window mister-


What the hell is he doing here climbing up my window and going inside my room while I'm half-naked?

"What the hell, Ace?"

I can tell he is surprised as I am from the look on his face.

It basically took him long five seconds before he realized that he is in my room, and that he is stepping on my precious white carpet, and that I'm half-naked and probably looking like a wet dog.

But the last part doesn't matter, because it's my room! And he's stepping on my carpet!

"What are you doing?" I ask him, flabbergasted.

"I am so sorry, Mel I-" He starts to say finding the right words, but obviously, there were no right words, because he kept on stammering.

"You know what, take your shoes off and sit down," I tell him pointing at my bed.

"What?" He asks me, confused.

"You're standing on my carpet you, himbo!"

"Oh right, sorry." He says then takes his shoes off and sat down on my bed.

"I'll ask you again," I start.

"What the hell are you doing?"

He sighed and said,

"Please don't tell anyone." He looks at me with pleading almond eyes.

They look just like my Dad's.

"Yeah fine, whatever," I said, brushing off the thought of his eyes.

"My friends were chasing me," He said.

"Hold on, that doesn't make sense. You climbed up my window and went inside my bedroom because your friends were chasing you? So what if they catch you? They gonna feed you to snakes or something?" I bite back a laugh.

"My friends were chasing me with a spider."

I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"It's not funny!" He says but he was also smiling.

"If it isn't funny, then why are you smiling?" I ask him, still chuckling.

"Your laugh is funny." He says and I automatically stopped laughing.

"Okay, so what now? You climb up my window, but you can't possibly go back down." I tell him.

"Watch me," He says with a grin, stands back up, and puts his shoes back on.

"Ace, no stop!" I quickly walk towards him, the towel nearly falling off of me.


"You're seriously climbing back down?"

"Yeah, why? You don't have faith in me?"

"No, I don't, you wait here," I say with authority then went downstairs to check for mom.

Luckily, she was playing The Beach Boys in the kitchen (loudly, I may add).

I go back to my room and told him he can go out the door.

"You're going to the bonfire right?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'm coming with Ollie and Chloe, you know, the girl who asked you out, but you oh-so-politely declined," I tell him with full sarcasm.

"Hey, don't blame me, okay?" He says in defense.

"Can I ask you something?"


"Why didn't you agree to go with her?" I ask.

"She hasn't really caught my eye in any way, so I didn't want to waste both our time."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, she's just not my type." He shrugs.

"Well, that's too bad, she had eyes for you since middle school. I just figured you might want to at least try to get to know her."


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