A part of me felt pity for James and another part was giving in to less concern. I shifted comfortably on the chair wondering how James was ever hospitalized. He might have had cancer,  I thought sheepishly. I shifted my head in confusion as the first ray of sunlight entered into my eye and I whispered silently. I stood up and adjusted the window blinds and the door knob shifted again to give a spotlight view of a stunning Eniola in a white gown.

"Good morning." Eniola greeted shly.

"Good morning Eni."I said smiling, letting go of the window blinds.

"Thank you for yesterday." Eniola said dropping a foodflask on my desk.

"I figured you might not have had breakfast." Eniola continued smiling.

"Oh yeah. Thank you." I said chuckling.

Eniola smiled once more and left. Throughout our brief conversat

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