"What are you doing here?" Mary screamed.

"And why are you driving James's car?" Mary added.

"It's not the way you think it is." I said, opening the car door.

"Tell me the way it is then." Mary said vibrating her leg in an angry manner.

"You see, James went on a holiday and he didn't want to tell you because you might worry." I said, placing a trembling hand in my pocket.

"Then why are you with his phone?" Mary asked, raising a brow.

"He said you disturb him a lot." I said wearing a fake smile.

Suddenly she held me by the hem of my suit and screamed.

"What have you done to your brother?"  Mary yelled.

"How many times do I have to explain that he travelled?" I said raising my arms in pretense.

"And by the way I just came to relay the message. I would

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