I took one last look at myself in the three quartered mirror in my office to access my look. The suit stuck and clinged to me like a second skin. I knew I was already adding weight. Today was the final hearing of Mr Olugoke. It was a bright Monday morning. Everything felt normal and sequential. There were no news of James but I hoped that he was alright. The tie was laying on the desk but I had no idea how to use it on my neck. The previous ones I used were already laid and crafted in the wardrobe.

"Do you need help with that?" Eniola said, opening the door slightly.

"Sure, I had no idea you were there." I chuckled.

Eniola walked up to me wearing a grin, she placed a hand on the desk to pick up the tie and threw the tie on my neck. Eniola looked short even though she was in heels. At a point, I felt like a teenager. My heart was beating rapidly because of her soft hands d

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